Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tune In for Turner Syndrome Awareness

Tune In for Turner Syndrome Awareness

We are finishing up Turner Syndrome Awareness month with a bang. Our local NBC affiliate television station is doing a special report on Imogen called “Against All Odds” reported by the talented Chelsea Donovan. It is airing on World Rare Disease Day to help spread awareness for Turner Syndrome and Rare Diseases. We ask if you live in our area to tune in on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 at 11pm to WECT TV6, if you live out of the area we hope to be able to put the link up from the news website.

We are spreading awareness for more research and discoveries, for more girls finding other girls just like them, and for helping families be able to support their girls mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.

 There are 10 choices below, pick one and please do it for awareness, BONUS if you want to do all 10! Use whatever platform you have for the good and please help spread Turner Syndrome Awareness!

1)      Change your profile picture to our ribbon or a picture of Turner Syndrome. 

2)      Share a Turner Syndrome story (Imogen's Birth Story)!
3)      Share the TSGA Donation page!
4)      Tell people about the amazing butterfly girl you know or just heard about!
5)      Watch Against All Odds Tuesday, February 28th at 11pm on WECT TV6
6)      Advocate for healthcare for disabilities
7)      Wear a butterfly on your person, when someone compliments you, tell them about the amazing butterfly girl you know!
8)      Donate to the Turner Syndrome Global Alliance or another Turner Syndrome organization
9)      Mark your calendar for next February 2018 to raise the awareness again
10)   Be sure to #TurnerSyndromeAwareness your social posts

 #TurnerSyndromeAwareness, #TSAwareness, #WorldRareDiseaseDay

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