Monday, November 28, 2016

#givingTuesday Hits Home TSGA

#givingTuesday Hits Home TSGA
Written By Renee Arbia
 Next Generation Stay At Home Mom Blog

We are not big black Friday shoppers, nor Cyber Monday people. However, we always participate in Giving Tuesday. It is one of my favorite days. We always save at least $10 or more to give to a charity of our choice that day. It may not be much, but every little bit counts, and we try to spread it around for #givingTuesday. It is a great day to remind people to give back. Many charities are in need of extra resources during the cold holiday months.

We rotate every year who we give to, places like local charities, environmental charities and children charities we have given to in the past. This year when thinking about which charity to give to we did not have to look far. We simply had to look in our home. In my home, sleeping like an angel, in her swing, is our sweet miracle girl, Imogen.  This holiday season remember that this sweet miracle girl has touched your heart and life. If you are reading this post then you somehow know me, or have read my works, or are familiar with our situation. If you are reading this for the first time, perhaps you read it for a reason. Imogen has touched your life; Turner Syndrome touches your life.

Read Imogen's Birth Story
Turner Syndrome is a rare chromosomal condition that happens naturally and has no cure. It is the lacking of an x chromosome resulting in a host of different medical symptoms for girls with this condition. (Only females get Turner Syndrome) Many girls with Turner Syndrome suffer from heart conditions, kidney conditions, small stature, infertility, digestive issues and learning and social disabilities. Only 80,000 girls in the United States of America have Turner Syndrome. One of them has now touched your life. These girls are all strong and amazing. They endure multiple surgeries and medical procedures. They receive extra tutors and guidance, and excel at everything they put their minds to. Almost all girls with Turner Syndrome get a shot at least once a day and some more than others. That alone deserves a donation for the strength these girls have.

 There are many worthy charities to give to this holiday season, yet I ask you to please consider donating to the Turner Syndrome Global Alliance for our Imogen. She has a long life a head of her and so do many other girls with Turner Syndrome. Please help us advance the treatments for them. Imogen has touched your life in some way please help us to not only help her, but other girls like her.

“By making a #GivingTuesday donation to TSGA, you support our efforts to have a direct impact on the lives of girls, women, and families living with Turner Syndrome by working to include Turner Syndrome in the national conversation on genetic research. We are the voice for a patient and parent perspective as we seek collaboration with scientists, researchers, and doctors to ensure that Turner Syndrome research and resources have meaningful outcomes. On #GivingTuesday, millions of individuals across the United States will choose to support the causes that are important to them.  When you choose to support TSGA your donation will have an impact on the thousands of families who struggle daily to support the medical and social needs of their loved one with Turner Syndrome.  With more information and better interventions, girls and women with Turner Syndrome can live healthier, more successful lives.” – Turner Syndrome Global Alliance

You can donate by following the link here

Please share this on your social media platforms to encourage others to donate and share! Happy #givingTuesday!

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