Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Room for Imogen

A Room for Imogen
Written By Renee Arbia

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Our sweet girl is now four months old. She is growing up so fast already. She rolls from side to side and can even scoot herself on her back. She loves being around her family and she adores her big brother. At four months Imogen still sleeps in a number of different places and positions. We decided it was time to get her room finished so that we can start to get her to nap in her crib during the day.

We only cleaned out her room when I was pregnant with her. We were too afraid to get her room ready for her when her arrival was so unclear. (Read Imogen’s Birth Story) Now that she is here and very strong and healthy we decided it was time to give Imogen a place of her own. Rather than doing a set theme with matching curtains, crib and d├ęcor I instead decided to just have an overall idea and make her room more of a vintage nursery. I had a lot of items from when I was little, like pictures and blankets so it made it very personal and much more unique.

We ended up with a sort of vintage butterfly garden theme. I pretty much tried to keep a color palette for everything as well as anything you would see in a garden. (Ok maybe not the ballet slipper painting, but that is a special picture that used to be mine so it was more sentimental).

I really like the decorative wall hooks we got for her. They come in blue, yellow and pink and are screws. You stick them to the wall and screw them in. It was so easy Xavier was able to screw them in and they are super strong hooks that do not damage the wall.

I also had to have blackout curtains for Imogen’s room. I love the soft, silky texture of these Luxury Home Blackout Curtains.

All the baby toys were easy to store in the adorable and durable Jute Storage Bins by Ziggy Baby. I like these bins because they look like burlap, but are not, and are easier to clean. They also say “Toys” on one side and “Storage” on the other. We used them for Imogen’s toys. They are really big and hold a lot of toys. 

Imogen is extremely sensitive to smells and for a while we were debating about painting her room. We decided against it as it is winter time and it would be too hard to air the room out. Instead we decided to get flower and butterfly decals to spread around the walls of her room. We used 3D decals of butterflies and flat decals. Of course, this was Xavier’s favorite part of decorating Imogen’s room.

We think it turned out beautiful and Imogen loves it. It is nice for her to have her own space and we enjoy showing her all the love we put into her room. We hope she enjoys it for years to come!

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