Friday, October 14, 2016

GP: Fun Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

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Fun Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall
By: Aleksandre McMannamin

Fall is one of the most delightful seasons of the year, one that usually provides a relaxing change of pace from the hustle and heat of summer. As a homeowner or property owner, this means that there are several responsibilities that you have to get ready for the colder months. However, these chores don’t have to be all business. This time of year also provides an opportunity to have fun with the aesthetics of the season, as you can outfit your home with decor that is fitting for the many festivities that fall provides. If you need some help getting started with these ideas, here are some fun ways to get your home ready for fall...

Seal and decorate windows and doors

Your doors and windows are a great place to start, when it comes to getting your home up to energy efficient standards after summer. Having to replace these in your home can be incredibly expensive. However, simply using non-expanding foam to update the seals on your windows and doors will prevent leaks in your homes heating, and save you plenty of money in energy costs. This doesn’t have to be all business, though. The holidays in fall make it a great time to let your spooky side out and reflect that when you decorate your home. Decorating your windows with fake cobwebs and candles will put your home in time with the season, and you can always make a homemade Halloween wreath with your kids to hang on your front door.

Clean out gutters and spruce up your roof

The changing of leaves is probably the most gorgeous aspect of fall scenery. As they begin to transform into various shades of orange and yellow, the world begins to soften up with a golden glow. However, eventually these leaves will begin to trickle down from their respective tree branches and fill our yards with piles of organic material. One aspect of this beautiful process can be quite damaging to your home, however, and that is when the leaves begin to fill your gutter. If it rains, this can create pools of sitting water on your roof, which can cause leaks and structural issues to develop. For this reason, now is the perfect time to get up on the roof, before the cold season hits, and make sure that your gutters are all in working order. Clear out anything that could cause a problem later, and you could be saving thousands of dollars in repair costs. While you are up there, this also creates a perfect opportunity to adorn your roof with lights and decorations for the holiday season, as it will be much easier to do this before the snow falls

Transition to a fall garage, and get festive!

One piece of homeowner maintenance that always needs to be taken care of, once the summer ends, is getting your garage ready for the colder months. For example, many garages tend to get chaotic and messy during the summer, as tons of activities are happening that require travel. However, if you live in a snowy climate, you are going to need to have space to store your vehicle from the elements. Getting a garage organized and efficient is something that is inherently a fall-time responsibility (if you’re looking for more ideas on how to do this effectively, check out this informative article here). Again, though, this doesn’t all have to be business. Plenty of households utilize their garage to help celebrate the scary season. A garage makes the perfect place to set up your own makeshift haunted house for trick-or-treaters, or even a great room to set up fun activities for a Halloween party. Either way, you’re going to want to do some work on your garage come fall.

Store your summer playthings

When summer ends, it’s time to put all of the sunny playtime tools away until next year. This includes things like camping trailers, hammocks, even sidewalk chalk. Storing your things nicely, according to the season, will keep them nice and useable for next year, and many years after that. Indeed, this is part of the maintenance that comes with being a homeowner. Some of these responsibilities may be more difficult, however. Larger summer fun amenities, such as swimming pools or gardens, take a little knowledge to know how to put away properly (here's an article that has some great tips on how to do this with a swimming pool). However, some things can last for the fall and winter! For example, although a swimming pool would need to be closed, a spa or hot tub can be a great addition to any home during the colder months, as the hot water will feel even better.


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