Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Staycation

Fall Staycation
Written By Renee Arbia

Sponsored By: Rosieand Bailey
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September is the start of our favorite season in our house. It means the start of autumn. We are very big autumn lovers in our house. Nick and I got married in the autumn and Xavier always loves the fall festivals, holidays, weather and fun. Even though we live by the beach and do not get as many fall colors in our views. We do get sunny 80 degree weather every day; with the only occasional rain storm followed by splashing in puddles under rainbows that happen this time of year. So yes, autumn is pretty fun and magical in our household. We usually like to try to have a family trip in the autumn and go see the sights or visit family. However, this year with Imogen being only two months old we decided that a staycation is more what we are doing this year.

One of the things we have decided to do is camp in the backyard a lot more. Xavier loves camping. He of course loves making smores the best, but anything to do with tents he loves. We don’t always sleep outside, but having a tent up in the backyard for play time, and getting to stay up late, and look at the stars goes over pretty great.

We always make sure to have a small fire in the fire pit. We try to even make dinner over the fire, even if it is just hot dogs and beans.

It is also fun to play simple games like catch with the baseball, and we are teaching him how to play regular card games like Go Fish and Uno.

One of my favorite things in backyard camping is we hang up our hammock. We do not have any sturdy trees around, but we hang our hammock on the beams on our porch. It is so much fun to lie in the hammock and look at the stars and moon. We started snuggling in the hammock, but that quickly became uncomfortable. So we decided to try out the new Double Hammock by Rosie andBailey. It is made of parachute material and travels in a small bag. It is easy to hook to any rope or hammock hanger with the dual carabiner clips. The Double Hammock by Rosie and Bailey when secured properly can hold up to 600 pounds making it sturdy enough for us to snuggle together under the stars and have some extra to wrap around us to help barricade for mosquitos.

Lastly, one of the fun parts of backyard camping is we try to make a theme of the camping. One time we taught Xavier about the different bugs and birds that we would see during our staycation and another time we studied the sun, stars and planets.

Families sometimes spend thousands of dollars on vacations that do not have as much time together and are as meaningful as what you can create in your own back yard with just a few ideas.

Happy Autumn everyone!

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