Monday, August 29, 2016

The Music Box

The Music Box

Written By Renee Arbia

Music has always been big in our lives. My husband and I both have backgrounds in music and we always knew it was something that we especially wanted to make sure is in our children’s lives. Xavier even has a keyboard, guitar, woodblock, maracas, and saxophone that we periodically teach and play with him.

Since we now have a newborn in the house I have found that playing music helps a lot with nap times. Imogen jumps easily with noise. Although I hope to get her used to more noise and napping through her brother playing, it can be tough when she is finally sleeping to have her wake up. I have found that playing music helps to muffle the sounds and create a soothing noise. We found a modern day classical channel that plays classical versions of songs by Green Day and other groups. It is fun to listen too and it helps set the whole tone of the house environment.

When Imogen is awake we switch to other fun stations on Pandora. The last few days Xavier asked us if he could have a “music box” like ours. We play music on Pandora, on my tablet, through a Bluetooth speaker. We had to find a way to give Xavier something that played music. What to give him? We decided on another inexpensive Bluetooth speaker of his own, the Kejee M1Wood Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Nick took a media card and loaded an array of songs that Xavier likes. Xavier was quick to give him plenty of suggestions.

The speaker is pretty durable, although Xavier does not have it all the time. He has to ask to use it, and give it back when he is done. It is easy for him to use the buttons on it and he loves playing in his room and listening to his “music box”. It is adorable to listen to him singing and playing with it. It is amazing to think that he is already starting the soundtrack to his life.

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