Monday, August 8, 2016

Mom of Two 4 Weeks In

Mom of Two 4 Weeks In
Written By Renee Arbia

It has felt like a long four weeks since Imogen came into our lives. They have not been a bad four weeks but long. Why long, sleep is something that does not happen much in our home anymore, or at least for now so every day is much longer than it used to be.

Imogen is a great baby though she insists on being held as much as possible but she is not partial to whom so we pass her around like a football a lot. I have forgotten how much newborns sleep, eat and poop and have been reminded that their needs over exceed everyone else’s. I do not remember much about Xavier’s first month and now with Imogen I am reminded why it is a blur. However, we are trying to soak in the sweetness as much as possible.

I soak in sweetness by…

Writing this with a fidgety baby on my chest in between nursing sessions

Being utterly exhausted yet still finding the time to color and play with my four year old son

Being glad that my baby is so healthy to dirty so many, many diapers, changing pads, pajamas, blankets, onesies and burp cloths

Knowing that no one is more comfort to my baby than me

Watching my newborn smile for the first time at her big brother

Remembering that my emotions are hormonal and not to make any big decisions

Putting my laptop and phone down and snuggling with my little one and play with my son

Remembering that my sweet baby girl fought long and hard to be here

Deciding those two weeks of my own maternity leave was ridiculous when so many more adjustments have to be made in our life.

So we are just treading water right now, running on low fuel and no sleep but running purely on love and snuggles from our children. We picked a slow time in the year for us purposely to have another baby. We have spent the month nesting as much as possible and getting to know our new family of four and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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