Monday, July 11, 2016

Spring Vegetable Garden Fling

Spring Vegetable Garden Fling
Written by Renee Arbia

We learned a few hard lessons with our first real vegetable garden this spring. Although it did not turn out anywhere as great as we planned it was still a fun and rewarding experience, one that we look back on fondly and laugh and will continue plowing forward to our summer vegetable garden.

Our spring vegetable garden was going very well until we went away for ten days. Apparently you are not supposed to vacation and garden. We had secured a good friend to water. However, when we came home there were monstrous weeds. So much so that we had to look up on the computer what were weeds and what were plants. Then, once we discovered that our garden did in fact do well and we had a lot of kale, cabbage, broccoli, and two big squash plants we were excited to harvest them in the next week. Unfortunately, right before exact harvest time a visitor noticed they were ready first. A very cute, furry visitor called a rabbit discovered our vegetable garden. He had himself a feast and ate all the kale, cabbage, spinach and broccoli that were in it. He also had the audacity to poop just outside the fence. When harvest day came and we went to collect our vegetables, most were eaten all the way through and some literally disappeared.

We were disappointed and since it was the end of June and very hot we decided we would mow it over and just plant a small container garden for our summer garden due to the heat and our new baby due in July. As we were picking up the labels and fence my husband moved the squash plant and found a big zucchini squash. It was awesome and perfect. We cooked it up and served it for dinner. It was not much from our vegetable garden but it was enough for the three of us to appreciate our work and encourage us to keep on it.

After mowing down the garden we replanted a bunch of containers. Most of the container plants did not make it during the spring garden due to a frost we had about a week after planting. So we replanted tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in containers in hopes of them growing for our summer garden. So far some of them are already sprouting. We are hoping to be able to do another big garden in the fall with perhaps some kind of rabbit deterrent. At least we and the bunny got a taste of a great vegetable garden.

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