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Be More Comfortable Nursing with Mamaway Nursing Bras

Be More Comfortable Nursing with Mamaway Nursing Bras
Written By Renee Arbia

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Mamaway is quickly becoming the new name brand that moms trust. With their superb line of products like the awesome belly band, baby ring sling and postpartum belly band; moms know that when it comes to their comfort Mamaway knows how to get it right. Mamaway now is introducing a line of Nursing and Sleep Bras to make sure that every breastfeeding experience is a positive and comfortable one both for mom and baby.

Mamaway has made two new nursing and sleep bras the Antibacterial Nursing Sleep Bra and the Infrared Thermal Crossover Sleeping andNursing Bra. Both of these bras are far superior to any normal nursing or sleep bra you have ever encountered. When I nursed my son I quickly found that you really need a sleep bra for comfort, and the usual cotton bra just does not hold up very well. Typically when you are nursing you go up and down cup sizes drastically, can leak milk a lot, or need to use breast pads and your bra ends up ripping and smelly all the time.

Mamaways nursing bras are comfortable, supportive and beautiful. They feature a cross-over design for easy breastfeeding access with easy pull away cups. The cups are made of ultra strong nylon fibers that can stretch up to three cup sizes and withstand the constant pulling while breastfeeding without losing its shape. They even have a pocket in them so you can put breast pads in them easily if you need to. The buttery soft fabric is lightweight and soft and does not put any unnecessary pressure on your breasts. The wide shoulder straps offer additional shoulder and back support while the wide under bust design avoids any roll ups. Unlike most sleep bras Mamaway nursing bras do offer three sets of fasteners to easily hook or unhook your bra. You have the comfort of a sleep bra with the ease of an everyday hook. 

The Antibacterial Nursing Bra has Meryl skinlife fibre and silver microparticles that prevent any bacteria from growing into the fabric which makes this bra antibacterial and anti-odour which is perfect for sleep nursing and those first few weeks of constant nursing. The Mamaway Far Infrared Thermal Crossover Sleeping and Nursing Bra has Far Infrared Therapy that provides many benefits of relief for muscle spasms, increased blood circulation, increased extensibility of collagen and more. The far infrared nano fibres are proven to help blood flow and milk production, making this the perfect bra throughout your entire time breastfeeding.

I love how incredibly soft and lightweight both of these bras are. You barely feel like you are wearing anything, yet you feel supported. The expanding cup size is something I know will come in handy and I love any type of technology that makes sure to help ease breastfeeding and make it more of an enjoyable experience for my baby and myself.

The Mamaway Antibacterial Nursing Sleep Bra comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and in Blue, Brown and Nude colors and can be ordered on Amazon.

The Mamaway Far Infrared Thermal Crossover Sleeping andNursing Bra comes in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and in Yellow and Purple colors and can also be ordered from Amazon.

Be sure to make your life as a mom as easy and comfortable as possible with the many Mamaway products invented to make life easier for both your baby and you!

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  1. It's really cute nursing bras. This bras design are really unique. I think my nursing bra from last year should still be good for this year . Glad that this helped. I love your post.

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