Monday, April 11, 2016

The First Pony Ride

Along with Xavier turning four he has all of a sudden started being braver than normal. He is usually a pretty timid child. However, all of a sudden he has decided that he wants to try new things. He says he is a big boy and he can do anything he wants. For the most part we support his big dreams.

I took him to Greenland's Farm the other day with some friends of ours. Normally he is not one to like farms. Although he loves to look at the animals, petting them and riding them are not things he ever likes to do. What was so wonderful about Greenland's Farm is it is a small farm that was not overcrowded and you can tell they actually care about their animals’ well being as they were cautious not to over stimulate the animals. This is a great option for children who are timid. Xavier was very much at ease being able to pet the animals. Although he was still timid of the goat and pony, he loved petting an extremely friendly pig. He adored watching the chickens and "buck, buck, clucking" at them.

We purchased a pony ride for him but he has never ridden a pony before and he has never wanted to even touch a pony. When he was too scared to pet the other pony I was worried he would certainly back down from the pony ride. However, he bravely stood in line and waited patiently until it was his turn. He was excited when they put the helmet on his head. He got a little nervous climbing up the step ladder to the pony and mounting it, but he did it, and was happy to hold on to the reins. He rode the pony tall and proud and I was in awe of my son who conquered a fear of the unknown. He loved it and talked all about it nonstop for the next couple of days.

I love watching him experience new things and conquer fears. There is no better place to watch him experience all life has to offer than right beside him.

If you live near the Wilmington, North Carolina area check out Greenland's Farm Facebook page for fun events and store hours!

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