Monday, March 21, 2016

The 4th Birthday Party

The 4th Birthday Party
Written By Renee Arbia

This past weekend we held Xavier’s 4th birthday party. His birthday is not until this week, but since it is so close to Easter, we decided to do his birthday party the week before so his friends could come and celebrate with him. This was the first year that Xavier made all the decisions on his birthday. I am sorry to report we do not have a cool theme birthday party for you to see. Xavier’s indecisiveness combined with my pregnancy resulted in a thrown together but awesomely fun birthday party.

About a month ago I asked Xavier what kind of theme he wanted for his birthday. I explained to him what a theme was and gave some examples. He chose a “truck” theme. After looking up “truck themes” I had to decide on what kind of truck. I decided on Monster Trucks. We went and bought a monster truck as a favor for each of his friends who came to the party. However, when we were going over the decorations he did not like the colors for the monster trucks as he put it they are too dark and not much fun. He instead wanted rainbows and balloons. We had a ton of rainbow and balloon decorations left over from his birthday last year, the Old Fashioned Birthday Party. I was very happy to save money and use some of the decorations from last year. He also wanted a balloon drop which we put up as well.

Three years in a row it has rained on Xavier’s birthday. For two weeks it was sunny and 80 degrees here. The day before Xavier’s birthday party it said it was going to be 75% chance of thunderstorms and only 66 degrees! I was very disappointed as we had even borrowed a bounce house and some fun outside games and toys for the kids to play with outside. Luckily the day of the party, it was cool and overcast, but the kids got a good hour in before it gently rained. They came in and we fed them and did cake, the balloon drop, and presents. The weather then cleared up enough that they could go back outside and play. It ended up being an awesome day. Xavier had so much fun! He actually loved the decorations and noticed every little detail. His favorite part of the day was his friends singing “Happy Birthday” to him and blowing out the candle. He is not a big fan of cakes, so he requested a giant cookie. I found an awesome Cake Mix Cookie Bars recipe on the blog, Lil Luna. It was a big hit, not just with Xavier but everyone loved it. In fact I think next time I am going to make a double batch.

I cannot believe that my little man is four already. Although I have been a stay at home mom his entire life and have not missed a single milestone, it still boggles my mind how fast the time goes. You really cannot be in your child’s life enough. Every second is precious. They are only ours for so little of a time and then they will fly away to their own nest. I am so glad he is finding out how to use his wings, yet he will be in our nest for many more years.

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