Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring Vegetable Garden

Spring Vegetable Garden
Written By Renee Arbia

Spring is in the air. Our spring cleaning is finished, we had a wonderful party for Xavier’s birthday and we had a really fun Easter. Last week we took advantage of the awesome eighty degree weather we have been having and started our Spring Vegetable Garden.

Our garden as it was all fall and winter.

Our Spring Vegetable Garden has been a long time in waiting. We did so good last year with the few small pepper and tomato plants we had. So we decided to try out the Nana and Papa’s Salad for A Year Organic Gardening Kit. However, after going over all the plans we decided to do a Lasagna Garden to try to improve our soil naturally before we plant any of the vegetable seeds. It has been decomposing and sitting all fall and winter so this Spring Vegetable Garden has been our first chance in planting in it. I gave up any flowers this year after last year’s flower fail. We decided to stick with just vegetables.

I made the list of a few vegetables to start and that would fit in a small six foot by six foot square. Usually I tend to over plant and cannot keep up so we decided to try to start small. We were excited to dust off our Roca Garden Tools both for my husband and I and of course Xavier was very excited to be able to get out his Children’s Roca Garden Tool Set. We cleaned out the excess debris and weeds. Xavier was super helpful with pulling and raking weeds. Then we decided to plant the garden. The soil from the Lasagna Garden was really rich and black and seemed to be a great start for any seed. Nick and Xavier did a lot of the planting as it is hard to plant when you are very pregnant. I did the container planting. Here are the vegetables that we decided to plant. Keep in mind this is for a Spring Vegetable Garden in zone 8.

Spring Vegetable Garden Crops
- Arugula

Our Spring Vegetable Garden with all the seeds planted. We decided to label them this time.

For containers we planted

Containers full of tomatoes and cucumbers!

For each vegetable planted we had at least two varieties to see which one would take better to our soil quality. It has been a week and a lot of watering, but we can already see a couple of small sprouts popping up. We already have some Arugula and Kale.

Our small Spring Vegetable Garden!

 I love being able to share gardening with Xavier. Gardening with kids is so much fun. There is so much you can teach them by gardening. He loves gardening so much and will not even let us go out and look at the garden unless he can inspect it as well. It has become a fun hobby for our whole family and we are really excited to see what our first Spring Vegetable Garden will bring!

If you are looking for some fun kid's garden tools check out the Roca Children's Garden Tool Set. They are our favorite! Xavier never gardens without them!

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