Monday, January 25, 2016

The Missing Potty Book

The Missing Potty Book
Written By Renee Arbia

At the tender age of three and a half Xavier is pretty much fully potty trained. He still uses a pull-up diaper at night, but he already gets up a lot at night to use the bathroom himself. It is only when he is sleeping very hard that he needs it.

You have previously read about our Next Generation Stay AtHome Mom Potty Training Method which involved the book, Once Upon A Potty By Alona Frankel. Before bedtime and naptime we always read a book. I always let Xavier pick whatever book he wants to read. Once he was mainly potty trained the only accidents we had were mainly his fault. He would be too busy playing and not pay attention to his body. He would wait until the absolute last minute and would wet himself in the bathroom. I was unsure how to combat this issue at first, as I did not want to scold him too much because he was trying, but he was not paying enough attention. So as a way to combat the issue I would say “oh no, you had an accident! It’s okay to have an accident once in a while, but perhaps we should read the potty book for nap (or bedtime) so we can be sure to get it right next time”. Xavier did not like this idea at all. It only took once where he could not pick his book for story time for him to now loathe the “potty book”.

Although it is hardly ever read now it is still threatened once in a while. We do not have as many accidents thanks to that method. Except now when I ask him to go potty before we get in the car, or bedtime it is always “no I don’t have to go”. Even if he has not gone for hours he will refuse. So I started saying “Xavier if you can’t go potty before we get in the car perhaps we should read the potty book for bedtime”. He has promptly started going to the bathroom when asked.

Yesterday, we were getting ready for bed. I asked Xavier to go to the bathroom. “No I don’t want to go potty” he yelled back at me, “Okay, fine, I think we should read the potty book tonight before bed so you are sure how to use the potty” I said back. “Maybe I can go” he replied. While he was going I glanced on his bookshelf where the potty book usually sits. Suddenly, I noticed it was missing. It may sound odd, but my three year old is very particular about where things are in his room, books in particular. We have some on different shelves and some in bins. If you ever move one book, just one, he will know and notice where you moved it. As a result of his crazy book shelving obsession I knew he must have moved the potty book. I quickly flipped through a couple books on the shelves and bins looking for it to put it back on the shelf and I could not find it anywhere. The little sneak moved the potty book so he would not have to read it. I told my husband about it and we were quietly laughing and looking for the potty book. Once we got Xavier ready for bed, I figured I should at least address the issue of the potty book as I could not let him get away with hiding it. So I casually asked Xavier where the potty book was and his face dropped, and with it came a very guilty look. I knew he did not just move it or misplace it, he purposely hid it. So I calmly said “Xavier either you get the potty book and put it back where it belongs or I get the potty book and we read it”. I was really hoping he remembered where he hid it as I had no clue where it was, nor did I feel like searching in front of him. He promptly went to the opposite shelf across from where it normally sits and pulled back six books and showed me the potty book hidden. “It’s right there mommy. It is okay” he said. “No let’s put it back where it belongs please, and you can pick another book to read” I said. He promptly put it back and quickly grabbed another book to read. Needless to say the potty book is now prominently displayed on the shelf where all can see it.  Oh, the joys of having a three year old.

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