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Our Growing Little Family

Our Growing Little Family
Written By Renee Arbia

If you have not heard yet, I am expecting. We are very excited to be having another little one added to our family. In our one day of announcing I have been bombarded with questions. Most I do not mind answering the rest you will have to wait and see.

Most of you who have been following my blog since the beginning (thank you so much by the way) know we have never mentioned having other children. We do not mention our future simply because we always choose to live in the present. We go with our hearts when we decide to make decisions. We have talked about adding another child, but when my son was a toddler having a toddler, both of us owning our own businesses and a baby did not seem to fit our lives. I have tremendous respect for moms who have to patience to handle a toddler and a baby, and I know I am not one of them. We needed a little more space between my son and the next baby.

Xavier is now three. He is potty trained and talks perfectly (a little too much perhaps). He is extremely excited to be a big brother. We planned this new baby. Albeit was not the best planning as the first trimester during the holidays was not our best thinking, but a baby born in the summer works best as that is our slow time for our work. So hopefully things will work out the way they always do.

We told Xavier very early. We talk a lot in our family and it was not something we would be able to keep a secret from him. Xavier loves monkeys. He has three monkeys that he sleeps and plays with. They are Mr. Monkey (you have seen him on our popular, Cleaning a Nonwashable Stuffed Animal), Monkey Monk, and baby George (it is from the Curious George books also a favorite in our house). Xavier says they are the daddy, mommy and baby monkey. To inform Xavier of our impending arrival I bought him another monkey. I gave it to him and said it is the Big Brother monkey. He of course was very excited. We then read, The Birds, The Bees and The Berenstain Bears by Stan and Jan Berenstain. I highly recommend this book if you are introducing a baby into your family it informs just enough so that you do not have many questions left to answer.
In the book, Mama Bear goes to the doctor and gets an ultrasound. When we went to get the first ultrasound we brought Xavier with us.

It is such a wonderful experience bringing your first born to see your potential newborn. My doctor’s appointment was very run-of-the-mill pregnancy appointment, not much exciting until we saw Xavier’s excitement at seeing the baby on the monitor. Then, him holding the pictures in his hands saying “this is my baby brother or sister”, it melts my heart to think of the lifetime they will get to share together.

We are very excited of all the new fun times we will all get to experience together. I hope you will continue to follow us along on our journey.

My new book, #2 On the Way Written by Renee Arbia is the humorous side of being pregnant with your second child. I am in the process of chronicling this pregnancy for the book. Here is an excerpt from the area where I first tell my husband that we are expecting. As with most second pregnancies it did not have a lot of fanfare, but the sentiment was sweet and a moment we will always treasure.

Excerpt from #2 on the Way Written by Renee Arbia

I have not been feeling very well lately. I noticed I am very nauseated and tired. Then, yesterday, Nick had to work all day and it was just Xavier and I. I was so tired, nauseous and sick. I was only two days late, but had a feeling that I have felt this way before. I cheated and took a test at night after putting Xavier to bed. I didn’t really think it would be positive. Plus, we bought dollar store tests so I wasn’t even sure how well they would work. I took two tests, and two faint lines showed up on both. When my husband came home late that night, I tried to hold it in as long as I could, but I was bursting with excitement. As he was taking off his work clothes and putting them in the hamper he was talking about work and all I could think was “when should I tell him, when should I tell him” so I blurted it out “I’m pregnant”. Nick turned around with a HUGE smile on his face that made me smile too. “Are you really?” he asked. “Yes, due in July according to the internet calculator”. We basked in the excitement.

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