Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Kid Friendly New Years and Balloon Drop

I hope you have all had a wonderful holiday season. We have been very busy enjoying all that the holiday season has to offer. Having a three year old and being pregnant with our second definitely made for a very fun and eventful Christmas. There is nothing quite as magical as watching the eyes of your three year old light up with every new Christmas tradition he discovers. There is also nothing quite as annoying as your complete aversion to your normal love of chocolate and cheese during the holiday season. I pretty much had to tell people to please keep chocolate or cheese away from me or I may be sick. There was only one dinner I was invited to where both were flowing and I managed to keep myself together.

We are now safely into my second trimester of pregnancy and things are calming down. I am not sick as much and my appetite is returning. Since it now is about to be New Year's it is the time that we always reflect on the past year and dream about all the wonderful things we get to look forward to in the upcoming year. For the most part, due to the impending arrival we are looking forward to a quiet year until July at least. The last couple of years I have found spending New Year's Eve with the children in our life much more fun than trying to find a good bar and parking spot. If you are considering having a party, check out last year's post on our Kid Friendly New Year's Eve party that was a big success. It was the first year we did the 9pm balloon drop. It was not perfected for the New Year's Eve party but due to how popular it was we repeated the balloon drop for Xavier's Old Fashioned 3rd Birthday Party. If you want to see how we made the ceiling fan balloon drop check out the birthday party page for pictures!

I hope you all have a safe and fun new years and an even better New Year full of fun, love and laughter. I hope you will continue to join us on our journey this year as we introduce you to many new sponsors, products, places and a new member of our family. Happy 2016!

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