Friday, November 13, 2015

Sponsored: Family Meditation with Tibetan Meditation Bowls

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Sponsored: Family Meditation with Tibetan Meditation Bowls
Written By Renee Arbia

Meditation is a great way to reduce stress, and help you achieve a peaceful mind. There are millions of different ways to meditate. A great thing to do is introduce meditation to your family. Families who meditate together tend to be a lot less stressed and have more peace together. Children who meditate tend to have less behavioral problems and temper tantrums.

Children can actually learn mediation as young as two years old. We have been working with our son who is three on starting meditation. However, like most parents one of the most challenging things when first teaching your kids meditation is getting them to sit still and focus (or not focus) quietly.

We were very excited to be able to try out the Tibetan Meditation Bowls to help with family meditation time. Geshe’s Dharma makes Tibetan Meditation Bowls in Nepal. They are hand made, 5 inch or 4 inches in diameter bowls. You can get them hand painted or plain. All of their Tibetan Meditation Bowls come in a beautiful gift box that includes the cushion for the bowl and wood mallet. Tibetan Meditation Bowls use a resonance of music to help you meditate for a peaceful mind. They are easy to play and are great for any meditation technique, especially beginners.

To use a Tibetan Meditation Bowl you simply put the bowl on its cushion on the floor where you are meditating. You strike the bowl once with the mallet (like a bell) and close your eyes and just listen to the beautiful sound. They are very similar to bells in sound and how you would use them in meditation. You can also hold them in the palm of your hand and run the mallet around the outside. Running the mallet around the outside was too complicated for our son. So for family meditation we just strike the bowls one at a time until the sound is gone. For personal meditation it is fun to play them yourself. You can also use Tibetan Meditation bowls for Yoga or spiritual ceremonies and practices.

We found using the Tibetan Meditation Bowls very rewarding. It was so much easier to help my son figure out how to listen while you are meditating and to focus on the sound. Not to mention getting to hit the bowl every once in a while when the sound goes away brings a big smile to his face. We especially loved the large 5 inch bowl as it made a very rich and long lasting sound. The smaller bowl is a little higher sound and lasts about as long. Both my husband and I who meditate a lot found the Tibetan Meditation Bowls were extremely useful for meditating. I especially liked using the Tibetan Meditation Bowls if I was very distracted, in a hurry or particularly stressed. They are so easy to close your eyes and listen to and just be in the moment. 

There is nothing better than to teach your family to really be in the moment through meditation. Tibetan Meditation Bowl are great tools that will help you to de-stress and have a peaceful mind and atmosphere. If you are new to meditation or particularly if you do family meditation I would highly recommend these Tibetan Mediation Bowls. They are a wonderful way to teach children to learn to meditate with adults so you can share in the moments together.

You can buy the Tibetan Meditation Bowls on Amazon.

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