Monday, November 2, 2015

Our First Lasagna Garden

Our First Lasagna Garden
Written By Renee Arbia

We love gardening together as a family! 

For eight years we have lived in our home. We bought it brand new and we live in the coastal south east (gardening zone 8). Our “soil” is really pretty much sand. For the entire eight years we have lived here I have been trying to grow a garden. Pretty much any type of garden will do. I have tried seeds, plants, bulbs, vegetables, flowers, cacti and many, many more.

Our sad, little container garden before we turned it into a Lasagna Garden.

Since we have proven ourselves able to garden in containers, we decided to give our backyard garden hope again (Read Garden Project 2015: Flower Fail) when I heard of the Lasagna Garden. Thanks to the wonderful book, Beyond Organic Gardening by Justin and Shawna Wood we now are in the process of our Lasagna Garden. The book comes with the Nana and Papa’s Salad for a Year box. We are using a lot of their gardening tips to make our organic vegetable garden as well as planting the seeds that come with the gardening box.

The first layer of the Lasagna Garden. 

Lasagna Gardening is also known as Sheet Mulching. This type of garden works in layers and is perfect for building up your soil in a very inexpensive and natural way. It is a great garden technique for transplanting seedlings and for planting seeds. Basically you put a layer of cardboard or newspaper on the garden. Next you build with nutrients that will help protect and insulate your young plants. While nurturing your plants it also is decomposing and will create a thick layer of rich soil for future gardening days. Lasagna gardens give your soil a massive dose of earthworms and healthy microbes. We basically put green material (grass and bush cuttings) followed by compost, as layers on top of the cardboard. Lasagna gardens also hold in moisture very well and require a lot less watering than most gardens. Which made it a perfect fit for us in our southern heat, I also love being able to use all natural material that does not cost us a dime.

Our Lasagna Garden when it was first put together for watering. 

Once you make the Lasagna Garden you should water it twice a day for at least fourteen days for optimum results. We are still in that time frame of watering now and are getting ready plant our winter crops that we have mapped out to put in the new vegetable lasagna garden. Keep checking back in our gardening section to see our winter crops.

What winter crops are you planting?

The ever constant that will forever grow in our garden. 

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