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Sponsored: Skout's Honor All Natural Odor & Stain Removers

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Skout's Honor. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation.

Sponsored: Skout’s Honor All Natural Odor and Stain Removers
Written by Renee Arbia

 I have always been a pet person. As soon as I got an apartment I got a cat. I still have her. We since have added to our family, another cat, a dog and now a preschooler. I believe my husband and I can confidently say that we are pretty much experts at locating stains, establishing what it is, removing it, deodorizing and sanitation. This is just one of the many hats we, as parents, wear.

I have checked out all the Pinterest ideas on natural cleaners and cleansers. For the most part that is what we use to clean everyday small items, natural cleaners, usually what we make ourselves. However, our natural cleaners are no where near strong enough to get rid of, deodorize or sanitize pet stains or odor issues. Our next solution was to use harsh chemicals. However, the harsh chemicals bother the pets, kids and adults. There are not many solutions on the market today that are natural and environmentally friendly that can rid your house of cat urine or wet dog smell.

Skout’s Honor is an All Natural line of Stain and Odor Removers. It is primarily designed for pet odor and stain remover but can be used on everything. Skout’s Honor use biodegradable, non-toxic and eco friendly surfactants to quickly and easily eliminate any stain and odor on any surface. All of the Skout’s Honor products are safe for use on rugs, carpets, upholstery, clothing, mattresses and other porous and water safe surfaces. They eliminate organic and non-organic stains including urine, feces, blood, mud, grease, milk, oil and even wine! The Skout’s Honor formulas work every time, on every surface, and on any stain or odor. All of Skout’s Honor formulas are enzyme free, have no harsh chemicals, no chlorine, and no formaldehyde. All of Skout’s Honor products are manufactured under the California Green Chemistry Initiative and held to the highest standards in the US for product safety and environmental responsibility.

We love all of the Skout’s Honor products. They were fantastic. Not only do they clean and completely eliminate odors. They are safe for pets and kids. I am very sensitive to odors. I cannot use many odor eliminators because the chemicals make me sick. I never had a single problem with any of the Skout’s Honor products. Our cats and dog had no problem sleeping on bedding that we sprayed or using the litter box after cleaning it with Skout’s Honor All Natural Professional Strength Pet Litter Box Deodorizer. I really like the Skout’s Honor All Natural Professional Strength Pet Stain andOdor Remover. It is great to use on upholstery. It works to get rid of odors fast. One day while spraying down a very popular recliner in our house, our three year old walked right into the chair while I was spraying. I waited to see if he would react and scream. He never even noticed the smell, only that the chair was mildly damp. What is also great about Skout’s Honor products is that you can use more than one at a time without being overwhelmed with any smells. We were very impressed with the professional strength that Skout’s Honor products have when compared to most brands and their harsh chemicals. It is nice to finally find a green product that can really clean hard messes and odors.

If I have not convinced you Skout’s Honor is a great company to purchase your cleaning products. Perhaps their motto and pledge may. The Skout’s Honor pledge…

“Skout’s Paw Pledge together we feed an animal in need with every purchase.”

Skout’s Honor is a very environmentally and socially responsible company. They want to change the way customers choose products and provide a way to change the world with every purchase. So they pledge to feed an animal in need for one day with every Skout’s Honor product sold on Amazon, the Skout’s Honor website or your local retailer. It is their way of helping to make the world a better place by nourishing more adoptable pets, one day at a time.

Skout’s Honor makes All Natural Professional Strength Pet Urine Destroyer, Litter Box Deodorizer, Stain and Odor Remover, and Pet Odor Eliminator. You can purchase them on Amazon, the Skout’s Honor Website (  or at your local retailer.

For more cleaning tips check out this great article about 20 Common Household Odors and how to remove them!
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