Friday, October 2, 2015

Sponsored: DIY Bathroom Makeover

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Aqua Bliss. I received product samples to facilitate my review and to thank me for my participation. 
When you are a busy mom some of your favorite moments may just end up in the bathroom. I do not mean all the fun potty training, or the baths with your little ones. What about you? I cannot speak for all parents, but I can say at least in our house our trips to the bathroom are really our only alone time, if I even happen to be alone. So when I do get my precious 15 minutes of showering or “bathroom time”, I want to be sure it is as pleasant of an experience as possible.

We have done a lot to our bathroom since it has become a quiet kid-free zone and sanctuary, at least for the time being. However, just switching shower curtains, rugs and tumblers is not always enough to make you feel a spa like atmosphere in your bathroom no matter how fluffy your towels are. We decided to do a couple of upgrades as well to our shower and our toilet.

So when you update your bathroom go ahead and get the shower curtain, rugs, towels and tumblers, but do not forget the most important part. Update your shower and toilet for a real fun and relaxing experience.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Aqua Bliss they have come out with an easy to install Hand Held Shower Head and a Luxury Bidet that have everything you need to make your bathroom a blissful experience.

The new Aqua Bliss Hand Held Shower Head is a luxury shower head with five relaxing and easy to change settings. It has a 6.5 foot ultra flexible hose. You can easily adjust the angle of the shower head as well as the water fall. It has an anti-clog design, and is no hassle to install. Although it says no tools, I did end up needed some extra muscle to tighten things. However, it ended up being a cinch to install and I love using it. It is also great to have the Aqua Bliss Hand Held Shower Head for seniors, kids and pets. Being able to grab the shower head, adjust it to the stream you like and have the extra long hose makes cleaning anything in your shower easy.

We wanted to upgrade our toilet in some fashion. However, many options other than a new toilet seat are very expensive or hard to install. Instead we tried out the new Aqua Bliss Luxury Bidet. Bidets squirt water on you when you would like, they help to clean you in addition to toilet paper. We have a septic system so anything that helps us save on toilet paper is a plus in our book. The Aqua Bliss Luxury Bidet is very impressive. It has a pressure gauge that you control. It also has a women’s feature with an extra nozzle angled at a perfect position for women. The retractable nozzles also have a self cleaning feature so you never have to worry if they will get clogged.

Installing the Aqua Bliss Luxury Bidet was incredibly easy. It sits between the seat and the toilet. It is easy to reach so you do not have to “reach around” like most bidet models. The Aqua Bliss Luxury Bidet is nonelectric and easily attaches to the fresh water pipe that feeds the toilet. We found the Aqua Bliss Luxury Bidet  to be a lot of fun and a great addition to our bathroom. To be honest I wondered why more people do not have bidets as clearly we have been missing out on toilet fun and sanitation.

Along with our new shower head and bidet we also added the usual shower curtain, rugs, tumblers and towels. However, this time on our Do-it-yourself bathroom makeover I made sure we made over the correct things to make our bathroom retreat as great as we can!

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