Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Garden Project 2015: Flower Fail

Garden Project 2015: Flower Fail
Written By Renee Arbia

Our sad flower garden. Only our potted plants made it. 

I am sorry to say that the flower garden that we had big hopes of growing did not make it. I was able to re-pot one of the flowers. However, most of the plants did not ever flower from the bulb. I am not sure if the weather, soil or my care took out the flowers. I can say our potted plants are doing great. As a result of accidentally killing my flowers, I have found that I excel in vegetable growing. Out of one pepper plant and one tomato plant (in pots) we have gotten over 10 peppers and 8 tomatoes.

We did have some great vegetables and herbs. 

We decided that our gardening talent was definitely not flowers. What came in handy for us was the convenience of having the garden right off of our back porch. We love to sit on the porch and soak in nature. It was very enticing to weed, water and care for our garden when you see it everyday.

Clearly, nothing wanted to grow in the ground. 

Once we were positive none of the flowers were going to make it. I saved one and re-potted it. We decided to mow over the garden a few times. In the coming months, we are going to do a Lasagna Garden to fix the soil so that it will help the garden organically. I went through our Nana and Papa's Salad for a Year garden kit and researched how to plant the items in our zone online. It was recommended for our zone (zone 8 coastal) to plant in September. We have been waiting to collect enough compost and green material. September also happened to be a very busy month for us. We never started the Lasagna Garden in September.

Storm Joaquin flooded parts of NC where we live and SC. This is Ocean Boulevard in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Apparently cars are not the only creatures swimming in the road. 

I am very glad we did NOT start our garden in September.Why am I glad that my slack paid off? This past weekend we had terrible flooding due to the backlash from the storm Joaquin. Luckily, our house is on a hill so our actual flooding was not too bad, but it would have killed anything we had tried to plant in our garden. We decided to do the Lasagna Garden, now that it is cooler outside and start with the November winter crops.

The only flowers we managed to grow was marigolds that were really long. 

Fall is always a reminder of the end of a year for me. I do a lot of reflecting on every thing that we did the past year. We have come a very long way. Just like the garden we had some things that did not work in our year, but by doing them, we in turn, found something else we had never thought of, and found something else we like doing instead. Gardening is the life of the plant, and yet it still reflects our life. We must always over come hurdles and grow towards the light.

We will keep updating when the Lasagna Garden starts and we plant our winter crops. What are you growing this fall?

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  1. The marigolds look great (and of course you can eat them too). Just as well you didn't plant before the floods -- we had a lot of flooding in the UK this winter as well. But what on earth is a "Lasagna Garden"? Tomatoes and basil, or are you trying to grow durum wheat to make your pasta as well?

    Norberto @ Thorburn Landscapes

    1. A Lasagna garden is when you layer to improve the soil quality. We live in a newer development on the coast so our soil is very poor quality. By layering cardboard, green material and compost and watering twice a day for a few months you can try to improve the soil naturally. Due to the fact that we are going to plant with seeds, we decided to keep watering the lasagna garden until spring in hopes it will seep into the soil as much as possible. Then, hopefully in the spring when we plant the seeds, they will have a better chance of making it. As most of the things I have planted in this garden area do not make it.



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