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A Toddler Halloween

Last year was a Halloween with a bunch of toddlers. I have to admit it was my favorite Halloween of all time. No one loves holidays like toddlers. I am very excited for this year with a preschooler! Check out our Halloween fun from last year. I am so excited for all our festivities this year.

Wishing you all a wonderfully fun and safe Halloween and Happy Samhain to our Pagan friends! May your day be filled with laughter and love!

This post was originally published on Next Generation Stay At Home Mom November 3, 2014

    I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! I have to admit this Halloween really was the best Halloween we have had in a very long time.
          It is funny, before Halloween I saw a lot of signs for bars having adult parties and fun costumes and I felt a twinge of "oh I wish I could go to an adult party for Halloween", but I had no idea how Xavier would react to Halloween good or bad. We had been practicing, but with kids there are a lot of variables.

       Our first obstacle this year was the costumes. I like to go all out on our costumes. Mainly because I like to make them or piece them together. I think it makes it that much more fun. I actually asked what Xavier would like to be for Halloween and he said "frog". So I thought and thought and I like to do family costumes so our idea was to do Kermit the Frog, Nick would be Fozzie Bear and I would be Miss Piggy. We ended up finding Xavier's Kermit the Frog costume cheaper than I could ever make it. We then bought all the stuff to make Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear. However, when we put them all on Xavier would cry and run away from us in horror and demand we take the masks off. Truth be told I was not even able to wear the pig nose until finally on Halloween night without him freaking out in horror. Since our point was not to scare our toddler to death we scaled our outfits down immensely. Nick switched to a monkey and just wore brown clothes, ears and a tail. I switched to a pig and wore pink clothes, ears, tail and a nose. So we figured with that plan perhaps Xavier would be happier. So for the week of Halloween we were talking about being a monkey, frog and pig and trying out our costumes. He seemed better except for my pig nose.

        The day of Halloween we woke up and went to the Children's museum to paint Halloween pictures and pumpkins. Of course, we ended up staying and let Xavier wear himself out playing which then resulted in a nice long afternoon nap. Then, we woke him up to an early dinner but made of all foods he loves to eat. We figured the fuller and happier he was the longer he would last trick-o-treating.

         Finally, it was time to get ready. We all put on our basic clothes first, I put my pink pants and shirt on and put my hair in pigtails. I ended up having a scratched cornea the day of Halloween so my glasses ended up being worn. (Great a pig with glasses, my dreams of Miss Piggy out the window and now I'm not sure I look much like a pig anymore). Nick put on his brown sweater and pants and we dressed Xavier in green pants and a green shirt under his very light frog outfit. Then, we went into the "costume room" (also known as the guest room) and all put our costumes on one at a time. Xavier put his frog costume on first, followed by Nick putting on his ears and tail, then finally was my big moment. Would Xavier let me wear the pig nose? I put on the tail, then the ears, right after I put on the ears Xavier said "Mommy nose!" I laughed and put on my pig nose and Xavier gave me a big hug! We were off and ready to go. We decided to give him the old plastic pumpkin to carry as he had a bag I made him but he had a hard time carrying it and opening it, so we brought it to hold the candy when his pumpkin got heavy. We also brought our little stroller with us. Our neighborhood is only a little circle about a mile around, but little feet get tired quickly.

       We started off the night meeting with our neighbors who are our good friends and their
children and we all headed off to our first real trick-o-treating experience. Xavier insisted on walking. He loved it! He would knock and say "trick-o-treat, thank you, and Happy Halloween". We were so proud. A lot of people left bowls of candy on their door step with a sign saying "Take 1" or "Take 2". He was so good at picking out things. He even picked out a bag of M&M's from one. They are his favorite. He pretty much thought everyone gave him M&M's but he knew whatever he was getting it was going to taste good. I had no idea that trick-o-treating with toddlers takes so long for such a small area, but it took almost two hours. By the end we had pumpkins full of candy, babies being held, pulled in wagons, put on shoulders and Xavier even opted for the stroller though he would get out at the houses.

         Afterwards we let him pick out some M&M's to eat and some Cheetos and it was off to bed. It was amazing watching all the children trick-o-treat together. Our neighborhood looked like it was being taken over by little ghosts and goblins everywhere. We would run into friends and neighbors in the street. Yards were set up as spooky places to visit. People were dressed up and ready to give out candy, toys, and treats of all kinds. It really reminded us of that old fashioned Halloween that everyone talks about but does not really happen. Well, this really happened.

        By nine o'clock Xavier was passed out asleep. Nick and I started a bonfire outside and had some good friends over. We all had so much fun under the moon and stars, drinking hot apple cider and laughing about the evening's festivities. It was an amazing Halloween that could not have gone better.
          It is moments like those that are so magical that make me love having my family and being able to do and experience new things with each other. It was so much better than just partying at a bar. Instead we had an amazing Halloween full of fun, laughter, community, friendship and most of all love! I hope yours was just as wonderful!

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