Thursday, September 10, 2015

Grandparents Day!

This Sunday is Grandparents Day! Be sure to let the grandparents in your life or your children's know that they are loved and appreciated for the wonderful love and light they bring to our lives. We are blessed to have some great grandparents in our lives. I have and have had wonderful grandparents that I always enjoyed talking, playing games, shopping, cooking and eating with them. Our son is blessed to have wonderful grandparents as well. We are so glad we get to spend time with both sets of them! 

This is a video of our son, Xavier baking bread with his grandma with a bread machine. Remember it is our time that matters, never what we have or do. Something so simple, is very important and means a lot to a child. Wishing you all a wonderful Grandparents Day. 

A special Happy Grandparents Day to my Dad and Mom who are wonderful grandparents to our son. Happy Grandparents Day We Love You Papa and Grandma!

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