Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Book Review: The Baby Sea Turtle By S. A. Mahan

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Book Review: The Baby Sea Turtle By S.A. Mahan
By Renee Arbia

One of the things I love buying for my son is books. We read them everyday before nap and before bed, and even sometimes just because. The older he gets the longer the books get. He now really likes books with a good story plot in it.  He also loves to look at the pictures and see what is happening. Preschool books tend to be great for him they are aimed for age’s three to six. My son is three and he seems to love most preschool books.

Although I love books in series, such as the Mercer Mayer series or the Berenstain Bears, it is also nice to have different, original books, on all types of subjects. Ultimately, I knew our son would love this book. He loves sea turtles and anything to do with the ocean and beach. We live near the beach so he is quite well versed on ocean life. In fact he really loves sea turtles as we get to see a lot of the buried nests, and rescued turtles around here.

The children’s preschooler book The Baby Sea Turtle is written by S.A.Mahan and Illustrated by Deborah Mahan. It is the sweet story of a mama sea turtle that lays eggs in the sand. The babies all hatch, except for one. The baby sea turtle heads out in the wrong direction and finds himself lost. A kind boy finds the baby sea turtle, and puts him back towards the ocean. The baby sea turtle swims out to greet his mother and other siblings and together they all swim in the moonlight. It is a sweet story of looking out for each other, being brave and being kind to all creatures. The Baby Sea Turtle is the winner of the Reader’s Favorite Five Star Seal and was a finalist in Colorado Book Awards for Children’s Literature. The Baby Sea Turtle is a beautifully illustrated book. Our son loved each of the illustrations. 

We loved adding The Baby Sea Turtle to our library and look forward to reading it as the years go by. The Baby Sea Turtle by S. A. Mahan can be purchased in hardcover, softcover (as see in photos), kindle or audio book on Amazon.

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