Friday, August 7, 2015

Baby Friday Faves

This week's Friday Faves Oldies But Goodies is focused on babies, as they have been a big theme this week. Check out the great stories, information, recipes, inspiration, products and places. We hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun, laughter and love.

Baby Friday Faves

Always be prepared and show all caretakers Baby CPR Step By Step Approach

Don't waste time and money getting things you do not need check out Top 5 Most Unnecessary Baby Items

One of my favorite baby items was the Bumbo Seat. What is yours? 

Make your little one something yummy with these recipes for homemade Barley Cereal and Quinoa and Bananas and enjoy some with them!

Be sure you know the language of babies by learning Baby Sign Language

Have a great weekend!   

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