Monday, July 27, 2015

Thumping Feet Three Year Old

Thumping Feet Three Year Old
By Renee Arbia

Thumping feet run into our room in the bright of the morning sun, saying “Good morning”

Thumping feet scramble to the kitchen to get their milk and cereal, bounding down to sit and watch cartoons while mommy and daddy wake up

Thumping feet as they jump up and down when they get lifted in the air to be put on the footstool to help cook

Thumping feet as they climb into their stool on the chair, and even buckle themselves in

Thumping feet playing footsie with mommy under the table, with a sly smirk just between the two of us

Thumping feet as they rush outside into the warm summer breeze

Thumping feet as they run in the beautiful and bright summer sun

Thumping feet as they follow after dada and mow the lawn just like him

Thumping feet as they kick the ball around upset that they cannot go out of mommy’s sight

Thumping feet as he sweeps the porch because he wants to do it for dada to make him happy

Thumping feet kicking in the air when they are lifted off the ground into their mommy and daddy’s arms

Thumping feet as they kick kitchen cabinets as he sits on the counter top while we wash our hands

Thumping feet as they splash in the shower bathtub filled with soapy and muddy water

Thumping feet as they wiggle back and forth during bedtime story time

Thumping feet as you kiss and whisper good night

Thumping feet kicking the bed until they are so tired they fall to the mattress with a thud

Sleeping now, thumping feet is growing and gaining more energy to start all over again.

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