Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sponsored Video: Traveling with Technology and PowerVibe

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Sponsored: Tuck in Technology with PowerVibe
By Renee Arbia

Last month we had enjoyed visiting family and friends. We plan on taking more trips next month. One of the things that we realized is now that Xavier is three and out of a crib and diapers it is much easier to pack. However, there is still another person in our family so he does have his own bag as well as a toy bag. My husband and I try to pack as light as we can when we go places. I am sure you are familiar with most of those packing tips, rolling your clothes, taking small bottles of items or all-in-one items, and only pack what you need. However, we ended up starting to travel very heavy in the technology area. So we had to figure out ways to slim down.

First thing to go was two laptops. We made one laptop a family laptop where there is different log-ins for different people. This allowed us to only bring one laptop with us when we travel (we use it for work purposes). We then, made sure to get a good bag that could carry everything for the laptop and then some other technology devices. The extra storage in the laptop bag came in handy for chargers that we would want to bring; one for the Nook, one for each of our cell phones, and one for a tablet.

Too many chargers started to become a problem when we also had to plug in a baby monitor and night light. When I saw the PowerVibe travel charger, I realized that was a great way to save our problem of too many chargers taking up too many outlets. The PowerVibe USB Travel Charger is a sleek, lightweight, mini travel-sized, ultra compatible charger with two ports so you can charge two USB devices at once. We loved the idea that with one plug, we could both charge our iPhones.

Each of PowerVibes Universal Adaptors is tested to ensure the highest quality and the fastest charge. They are all FCC, ROHS, and ETL Certified. The PowerVibe Travel Charger comes with a bonus adapter, (so you get two for the price of one) and a universal cable that is compatible with Apple, Android, HTC and LG devices. I loved the two adapters that you get and the cable as well. It is a nice short cable so your device can sit right next to it without taking up much room.

Lastly, we are always sure to bring only one camera with us and we decide if it should be our video or still camera. With the invention of our Smartphones we are able to video and picture take, so we figured we needed to cut down on cameras. As much as I like to preserve memories on the camera, sometimes it is more fun to just partake in the moment.

We had some great moments and made some great memories so far this summer, and we plan on making many more. I am so grateful we are learning great ways to travel light!

You can order your PowerVibe USB Travel Charger from Amazon. Each USB Travel Charger comes with an extra charger and universal cable that is compatible with Apple, Android, HTC and LG devices.

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