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Sponsored: Make Music With Compose Yourself From ThinkFun

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Make Music With Compose Yourself From ThinkFun
By Renee Arbia

We have been introducing our son to music for pretty much his entire life, but now that he is three years old, we are able to have much more fun playing music together. He loves to sing songs, pretend to play instruments and he is working on learning to play the piano and the guitar.

We never like to push our son into anything, but music has been a big part of his life. He requests certain stations to listen to at home. He will just randomly sit down and play the piano. We cannot do that to the guitar yet as he strums it a little too harshly, but he loves trying it. He has a toy drum set that he loves. Music is something that reaches people of all levels. No matter what your age sometimes a great song will make everyone dance and sing.

ThinkFun is a toy manufacturer that specializes in educational toys that the whole family can enjoy. We were lucky to try out their ThinkFun Move and Groove Dance Cube, which is a dancing game for young children and parents. That has been one of our son’s favorite games. We were excited when we heard about Compose Yourself, which is a game that actually lets you create music yourself.

ThinkFun’s Compose Yourself let’s you start writing music in minutes, allowing everyone in the family to be a composer. The game comes with directions, a bag and sixty transparent cards that are designed to be flipped, rotated and combined in millions of different ways so that you can create your own musical score.

You can put up to sixteen cards at a time down, and flip them around into a good combination that you like. In the directions, they even tell you that sometimes it is more fun to create a visual picture of the music first. Once you have your sixteen cards in order of fours, you log onto their website and enter the code you will get with your cards. You then are in the composer screen. In the composer screen you type in the number that is always found in the upper left side of the card. It is then played back to you three ways; marimba, orchestra or both. You can also switch or rotate cards to see how they play as well as play individual cards at a time. Compose Yourself also let’s you print out your musical score to play and you can download it as your own mp3 file.

We enjoyed playing with this, of course our son was a little too young to understand it, but we let him play with the cards and help put them in rows of four. The website is extremely easy to use and the game is for ages 6 and up. I had a lot of fun playing with it and so did our family and friends. The only thing I will say is it does not teach music. I find this more of a game type of activity. It does not tell you the clefs of the music, have rests, or long notes (half notes are the longest that is offered) and you have no way to change the tempo. However, I thought for the price and fun it provided it was a great deal and perfect to get your child more interested in music and learning about music.

 You can find out more about ThinkFun Compose Yourself from their website
And you can purchase Compose Yourself on Amazon

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