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Sponsored: Fun with Vintage Toy Jacks

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Sponsored: Fun With Vintage Toy Jacks
By Renee Arbia

As parents we try to provide the best type of toys for our kids. Not only do we want them educational, but we want them to be safe, fun and it’s a big bonus if it is a nostalgic vintage toy. We have been able to collect a few vintage toys for my son, such as old fairy tale books from his grandmother, a teddy from mommy and a train from daddy. We also buy a lot of vintage type of toys. We like the old telephones, wooden cars, and hammer and peg games.

Our son Xavier is now three and loves to do things with us. One thing we found that is easy to play with him is games. After a couple rounds of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders we are ready for something new. However, with him not reading it is hard to find many games he can understand, let alone play on his own.

When I saw these jacks I thought they were a perfect idea for our son. He even knew what they were from some of his books. Jacks are a timeless classic recommended for children three and up as objects are small and can easily be swallowed. The game of jacks helps with hand-eye coordination, helps with developing your child’s fine motor skills and can be played alone or with friends.

We had a lot of fun playing the Onesies, Twosies, Threesies, and just throwing the ball and seeing how many jacks we could pick up and then catch the ball. You are supposed to use the same hand, but with our young son he just had to catch the ball and some jacks. He has fun playing with the Jacks alone and with us.

The Ramini brand Jack set is perfect because it comes nicely packaged. It makes a great party favor, stocking stuffer or gift. The traditional game of jacks is played with ten jacks and one ball, the Ramini Jack Set comes with two extra jacks, one extra ball and a cloth pouch. I loved that they were so entertaining and easy to throw in my purse, diaper bag or pack as a game for vacation.

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