Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Backyard Fun

We have been enjoying lots of summer fun lately. We spent most of June visiting local family and friends. So for the month of July we decided we are laying low, working, doing some home projects and soaking up all the summer fun that we can get.

It can be hard to enjoy the summer sometimes when you are stuck inside working. Remember there is a lot of fun you can have in your backyard. We frequently use our backyard for lots of fun. We enjoy sitting on the back porch, playing soccer, gardening and Xavier loves playing in his kid pool. He also received a boat race pool which he loves. It comes in handy in the summer time to fill up the kid pools and break out all the chalk, balls and lawn toys and let the kids run wild. We really enjoy just having summer backyard fun and barbecues. Next time you are short of ideas of what to do with your kids, try a little more simplicity and see what their creativity makes.

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