Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Year Blog Anniversary

3 Year Blog Anniversary
By Renee Arbia

Our family when Xavier was a newborn the start of this blog
 I have kept this blog running for three years today. The main purpose of this blog has never changed. I set out to write a blog that was helpful for all parents. A blog that was unbiased, but true to facts. Unlike most media sources I did not want it jaded by money or sides to a story, but rather to point out facts and let parents decide for themselves.

We survived the first year of parenthood!

 I have always thought the strongest thing is a parent’s own intuition. No one knows their child like a parent. I wanted a blog that reached parents and even caregivers on all levels. That would point out new trends, new products and great things to do and teach to your children.

The terrible two's were pretty terrific to us!

 In the three years Next Generation Stay At Home Mom Blog has been going we have been expanding and growing at a very fast rate. Parents are spreading the word that this is a great resource guide. We have tips and tricks, inspiration, recipes, reviews even party themes. There is just a plethora of information on this blog alone that could keep you occupied all day.

Our third year rolling with all the changes with smiles on our faces. 

I am proud to have given this blog not just my time, but my heart. I have nourished it from the beginning. Entered us into some steep competitions and some big sponsor opportunities; some were won and some were lost. However, I kept writing simply because as great as the competitions and sponsor opportunities would be great for the blog it is not all that this blog is, this blog is a DIY blog as they say in the professional world. I signed up one day onto Blogger and started typing and sharing our stories and our love. In hopes that merely someone would benefit from something I have said. I have heard from many of you and especially now on our Facebook channel how you feel about the blog, and how you really like to read I,t and find information on it.

Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for “liking it” on whatever social channel you may use, thank you for “sharing it” on your social channels, thank you for telling other parents about it and thank you for your sweet comments and emails that I receive from you all. I feel the love for this blog and you are helping it grow. I have no plans on retiring in fact we plan on expanding in many different ways. So be sure to stay tuned in and keep on checking out the blog and get some inspiration, fun and love in your day!

Thank you for your love!

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