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Time to Get Fit Grandparents

Time to Get Fit Grandparents
Written by Renee Arbia

The time to get healthy is now, and more than ever people are living longer and longer. It is proven that with exercise and a healthy diet you can easily not only prolong your life, but enhance it as well. A big excuse many people use is that they are too old and they are unsure where to even begin.

There is also a generation of adults who are proving just how amazing life can be when you are healthy and your body is working at it’s utmost potential. Many of those adults who are healthy are grandparents. Grandparents that want to be able to be there and play with their grandchildren, they really want to be part of their grandchildren’s lives.

Fit Grandparents stay active with their grandchildren. If you want to get into better shape and are between the ages of 18 and 80 you are welcome to join the Fit Grandparents program.

Meet Bruce and Marge Brown, they have hearts of gold and laughter that light up the room. I know them personally and have experienced their infectious joy of life. The way they have transformed not only their physical bodies, but their entire lives into a passion spurred on by the pure love of their grandchildren is certainly a heartwarming way to start a company.

Bruce and Marge have been married for forty-five years and have four grandchildren that range from the ages of two to six. Since their grandchildren live far away from them they do have some great ideas of how they stay connected to them. They said some of the best ways they have found are to talk to them on the phone, Skype and Facetime with them, send them videos of themselves and send cards and gifts for special and surprise occasions. They spend the holidays together and visit each other about once a quarter. When they visit their grandchildren they go to their schools and extracurricular activities, such as dance classes and sporting events. They also occasionally babysit when the parents want to take a trip.

Bruce and Marge have always had a passion for helping people succeed at their goals and for team building. They joined Team Beachbody in 2011. In the four years they have been coaches their fitness and health have improved significantly with their business.

Last year they chose to run their fitness business specifically for grandparents. Being grandparents themselves they met many who wanted to have the energy and stamina to travel to see their grandkids, pick them up and play with them. Now with a personal customer base of over 1500 and more than 100 coaches on their team they are spread throughout the United States and Canada and are looking to expand worldwide.

Anyone anywhere can use Fit Grandparents, even though you may not be a grandparent if you are between 18 and 80 you are eligible. Fit Grandparents is a virtual fitness program that focuses on overall fitness and health. Their winning formula is Fitness, Nutrition, Rewards and Support. You can get a program specifically programmed to you or you can even join a challenge group.

Those that choose the Challenge Pack get a home workout program and a month’s supply of Shakeology. They then join a private Facebook group. Everyone checks in everyday for the month to keep them accountable for the program. You are also assigned an accountability partner to help you and support you when you need it. Different coaches are enrolled from around the world to help you and support you. 

The Fit Grandparents works with Team Beachbody which is a world class home workout program that is made for all fitness levels such as; P90X and 21 Day Fix. Those who are in the challenge program can compete in a rewards program to help them stay on track. Free virtual coaching is also offered. The most important part is that they match their clients to the best program for their fitness level and goals.

For the nutrition portion of the program Fit Grandparents work with the Beachbody nutritional programs, including its premier superfood health shake, Shakeology, in both Vegan, and non Vegan flavors.

When I asked Bruce and Marge Brown why they decided to start the Fit Grandparents program I think what they said pretty much summed up everything.

“We know we are not the only grandparents who work at building long-distance relationships with their grandchildren. We want to help others see the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle so they can enjoy quality of life for as long as possible with their grandchildren. We also think it is important to leave a legacy of healthy living for our family”

Grandparents are so very important in children’s lives. Now more than ever we need to be sure that families are together and spending quality time together.

You can check out this link and receive a free download link to their grandparenting success book, Tips for Grandparents (Click link for the free PDF version of the book)

You can sign up and find out more about Fit Grandparents by visiting their website
Visit their Facebook
Visit their YouTube

View their welcome video here!

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