Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Son's Best Friend

My son has a best friend. He is only three, but I can just tell they are buddies and meant to be together. They love to play together. Xavier loves to show him how to do puzzles. They love to play cars together. Xavier loves to read books to his best friend.

They talk all the time, about anything and everything. I hear them talking about what we do everyday. I hear how his words mimic what he sees. He talks about going grocery shopping, or to the park or even still strawberry picking (he really loved that). They miss naps and go to bed late because they stay up talking for hours. I have removed Xavier's best friend once or twice from nap time as they were getting too rowdy. However, their love for each other is eternal. So I let them sleep together every night if they promise to at least be quiet in their playing.

You see my son's best friend is a stuffed monkey, his name is Mr. Monkey. You may recognize him as he has been on here before in pictures and in how to clean a non-washable stuffed animal. Needless to say since he has become so important to our family we know how to wash him many ways.

Mr. Monkey sat on top of Xavier's crib and watched as Xavier learned to roll over, move, stand and eventually one of the first things Xavier ever grabbed in his crib was Mr. Monkey. Xavier did not name Mr. Monkey. I did, but not on purpose. One day we were playing and I just called him Mr. Monkey. Still a new mom with an infant baby, I did not have quite the imagination I have now and I did not know it would stick. Now that Xavier is three, they are inseparable. My only rule is that Mr. Monkey is not allowed to leave the house to play unless it is a sleepover. Due to the fact that I have no idea where Mr. Monkey came from or how to ever get a replacement for him.

It is amazing to hear and see the love between a boy and his first stuffed animal friend. I hope they enjoy their time together, I know I certainly enjoy watching and listening to them.

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