Friday, June 5, 2015

Healthy Living Faves

This week's Friday Faves is to keep with our theme this week of Healthy Living. We started incorporating ways to live healthy about eight years ago and so far have never looked back. In fact, we move forward all the time. There are always new things we are learning and adding to our lifestyle. Healthy living really is a lifestyle choice that you make forever, so it can take some time to adjust but you will feel the benefits of how much better healthy living feels right away. So pick an article and find out more about healthy living.

Healthy Living Faves
Stop wasting money on store bought toxic cleaners and make your own
Homemade Cleaner

Be sure to take care of any Toxic Chemicals In Your Home

Always remember When Life Gives You Lemons there's a lot you can do with lemons!

When you are in need of inspiration The Positive Touch will lift you up.

Sick toddler at home? Try out this All Natural Toddler Cough and Congestion Remedy.

A great way to meditate is by just being In The Present Moment.

Be all you know you can be by trying these 12 Ways To Bring Out Your Inner Strength.

Get some exercise and healthy food at the same time while Picking Strawberries.

Start your morning with a punch with these great for you Banana Oatmeal Muffins.

Go out hiking and have a picnic. Don't forget to pack some Strawberry Spinach Sandwiches.

Make baby their own health food with some Quinoa and Bananas.

Start your healthy life the correct way by learning how to meditate from someone who has started at ground zero. Check out my article on and do the 10 Minute Meditation for Beginners at least once a day. Twice a day is ideal. 

Best of all have a happy, healthy, fun and full of love weekend! 

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