Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Garden Project 2015

  Since it is springtime and we have been making sure to take advantage of the beautiful weather as much as possible I have taken up gardening. I used to love gardening and be fairly decent at it, however, that was up north in the country with extremely rich soil. Now we live near the beach in the hot south. There is not too much that grows here, or so I thought.

One family fair day my husband, Xavier and I went out where they were giving away free plants. We took home one small pepper plant and one small tomato plant. I had seen people be able to grow peppers and tomatoes around here so I assumed there may be a way I could. I decided to transplant them into larger pots. I wanted to leave them in containers rather than put them in the ground, as everything I tried to garden before had died except the Irises in the ground.

Every day I went out and watered and cared for the pepper and the tomato plant. One day I noticed a pepper growing and it kept getting bigger and bigger. Finally it came off at around the size of my fist. Which I was told is pretty normal for a small pepper plant.

 I took the seeds and am now doing a greenhouse effect on them so that they sprout and then I can replant them into more pepper plants. We ate the rest of the pepper and it tasted so amazing. I forgot how great it is to grow your own food. A couple days later my tomato plant started growing not one, but two tomatoes. The pepper plant started growing another pepper. We got some more tomato seeds to try to sprout along with the peppers and a couple of herbs to sprout from seeds which are Basil, Cilantro and Parsley.

At the moment I saw the first sign of the first pepper I knew I loved gardening and I wanted to do more. I ordered a bulb mix specifically designed for our zone and to be planted at the time it was delivered. It is made to be at full bloom in early September. My sweet husband, hand plowed the garden for me and I planted all the bulbs in different sections. Of course, they did not all fit so I ended up putting some in pots. We also decided to try to grow some marigolds as they are good to have around your porch, because they keep mosquitoes away.

 Needless to say our backyard now looks like a greenhouse. However, I could not be happier. We all had so much fun setting up the garden and plants. It was so wonderful to show Xavier how plants grow and how we take care of them. He even has his own little pot of marigolds. It was a great thing to do as a family and it is fun to check on the progress everyday.

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