Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sponsored Review:Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag


 My son is three we have yet to find a great diaper bag. We have gotten them in all shapes, sizes and straps. I had us settled on a tiny one. However, now that we are potty training I need to bring an extra set of clothing with me and we are starting to need a bigger diaper bag. Plus, our small diaper bag, I could not even squeeze my wallet and cell phone in. I wanted a diaper bag that holds all the essentials, is easily washable, adjustable, and is fairly stylish since I have to bring it everywhere I go.

Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag comes in leopard print. It has eight pockets on the inside to help you stay organized, four are large pockets, one is a zippered pocket and there is even a padded pocket in an end wall that is the perfect size for a baby bottle, water bottle or cell phone. There are two outside pockets, one is a zipper and the other is another bottle shape holder. I loved the two bottle pockets. It lets me bring Xavier’s water bottle and mine together.

The Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag also includes a changing pad, wet pouch and accessories pouch. The changing pad is very thick and easy to clean material and so is the wet pouch that has a zippered closure. I loved the accessories pouch. It looks very similar to a make up bag. I ended up using it as my purse in the diaper bag. It is leopard print like the outside so it stands out on the inside and it easily fit my wallet, phone, keys and a few other items in it.

The Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag also has two ways you can carry it. It has padded handles and an easy to remove shoulder strap. I also liked how this bag had big rings that were easy to clip things to or clip the bag to things such as strollers.

By far the best part of the Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag is that it is extremely durable, waterproof and easy to clean. The inside walls are padded very well, the vinyl construction gives the bag dimensions of 7”Wx16”Lx11”H. There are no worries about spills or leaks. The bag is easy to wipe clean or rinse out. I found it super easy to clean. It is a great everyday bag, overnight bag and fantastic diaper bag; finally a diaper bag that holds everything my son needs, my purse and a little room for extra stuff, plus it’s easy to clean and is very affordable.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag 5 Stars!

You can purchase your own Cranberry Baby Diaper Bag from Amazon.

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