Friday, May 29, 2015

It's Summer Time In North Carolina

Now that Memorial day has come and gone the official summer starts, at least in our household. Probably because we live in a beach community, our beaches open on Memorial weekend, and from then on tourists come and visit the beauty of our beaches and towns that we know and love all year round.

Summer is always fun for us. My husband works mostly on weekends so we sneak many weekdays doing lots of fun things that we can cram in just like tourists. We head to the beaches on a Wednesday afternoon. We picnic in parks, pick out summer books from the library, decide on any fun excursions we want to try this year and if we are able to take any vacations.

Our summer start came to a screeching halt over the weekend, when our fun family filled weekend with my family ended up me sick in bed. The dreaded stomach virus that had hit Xavier and my husband last week ended up hitting me smack in the middle of the launch of our summer festivities. I spent three long, sunny and beautiful days in bed with the curtains drawn and a bucket by my side. The flip side, was no one else got sick, and my husband was already off so he got a lot of fun time in with Xavier. I was able to rest and heal as quickly as possible. Plus, I now do not have to worry about losing those extra five pounds for beach season. (though I would not recommend this way of weight loss)

Other than the dreaded stomach bug we have been enjoying our beautiful weather here. Xavier got his first tricycle. He does not ride it too much yet, we still need to help a lot as he is not too good at figuring out the pedals yet. However, he loves to ring the bell. He will just casually walk by it and ring the bell.

We have taken many of our indoor projects and put them on hold for a little while to enjoy the outdoors and focus on some outdoor projects we wanted to get done. This year, I really wanted to do more gardening. So hopefully my thumb will turn from black to green. You will be able to marvel or laugh along with me when you see what my thumb has created.

I hope you all are enjoying the beautiful spring/summer weather with your loved ones. Remember to always enjoy every small thing and every beautiful thing that comes your way and you will never be bored.

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