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CVS Cares About Diaper Changing Stations

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The first years of your child’s life you spend changing diapers. Multiply that by more children and you have a lot of children in diapers. As we bring our babies into the world, we realize that sometimes the world does not give us much help. Diaper changing stations are very rare. They are hard to find in places of business and are rarely in restrooms.

My husband loves to take our son on errands and frequently gets annoyed at having no place to change him because there are never diaper changing stations in restrooms (especially men’s restrooms).

Diaper changing stations in restrooms has been a hot topic this spring since actor and director, Ashton Kutcher brought it up in March when he posted on his Facebook page about the problem. He ended up teaming up with Change.org to help fathers across the country have the same rights as women when it came to taking care of their children.

 My son, who was just turning three at this time, was still in diapers and my husband was still wrestling with this issue of finding places to change him, especially since we were in the trenches of mixed potty training and diapers. Then, we found a special place in our community that showed us that we are not alone and that they truly do care.

When my son was four days old we had our first family “trip”, we went to his doctor check up. Of course we learned of different vitamins and medicines that are helpful to have on hand with newborns. After visiting the doctor we went to our neighborhood CVS here in Leland, North Carolina off of Village Road. They have been here for a very long time. The manager in charge of the store is, Eric Baughman. We came in with our new addition to the family and Eric smiled a big smile and told us that our son was his youngest customer.

Today our son, Xavier is three. He runs up and down the aisles of CVS with us putting items into the cart. He says hello to everyone who is working. He will walk down the aisles and say “Hi Eric, Hi Martha” and go to the pharmacy “Hi Michelle, Hi Ms. Vernita how are you doing?” Every year we print our holiday cards from them. They have been there with Pharmacy help through all of our issues with my health and through every cold season. The CVS here on Village Road has become a big part of our community and has helped us in raising a son who could trust in a store to help him with what he needed, whether it is medicine, food, or a special gift for someone.

One day while my husband and son were running errands they stopped at CVS. My son needed his diaper changed. My husband went to the men’s restroom and there was no diaper changing station. He asked if there was one in the women’s restroom he could use. To his astonishment there was not one. The CVS was a corporate CVS and in an older building. It had not occurred to them that a diaper changing station may be needed. Eric the manager promptly called and ordered, not just one, but TWO diaper changing stations. One for the women’s restroom and one for the men’s restroom, when they came in everyone at CVS were excited to show them to us, especially Eric. As we were talking we had heard it mentioned that the diaper changing stations were said to be costly and of no value to the store, which is why they were normally not put in. As a parent I proudly applaud Eric and the staff at the CVS store on Village Road in Leland, North Carolina for proving that by really showing you care even if it means by spending a little, you end up earning much more in return. Thank you for the diaper changing stations in BOTH restrooms. Thank you for being a store that promotes a community that I am proud to raise my son in.

If you live in the Leland, North Carolina Area please show some love by buying something at the CVS store on Village Road and thank them for the diaper changing stations in both restrooms. Be sure to spread change (#BeTheChange, #LeaninTogether) in your community for the better. Show some love to the businesses that care.  

117A Village Road
Leland, North Carolina 28451
Open Monday thru Sunday 8am-10pm
(Please call for Pharmacy hours)

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