Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Building A Truck With Dad

This past week we went to a small festival. We were able to pick up free plants and Xavier got some popcorn and his face painted. He had a hard time deciding what to paint his face, his final choices were a kitty or a school bus. He chose a school bus, so the poor lady had to figure out how to paint a school bus on Xavier's face. Luckily some yellow, black and red paint later (you need the lights) he was a happy three year old with popcorn and a painted school bus on his face.

We also received a make-your-own EMS Truck kit from Home Depot. My husband and Xavier had a blast putting this together and with all the play time it has received it is still standing strong. It is always moments like these that make all the crazy moments completely worth every second. Enjoy the pictures.

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