Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What to do on Earth Day?

Many people notice that Earth Day is coming up and do not think much of it. However, some of us do, we like to celebrate the wonderful planet that we live on everyday in it's own type of celebration. So if you wonder how you can join the celebration or what you can do to celebrate Earth Day, some of my best ideas I got last year trying to come up with a family fun way to celebrate Earth Day. Come to find out we found many ideas, and still do many of these things on days other than just Earth Day. I hope you find a great way to celebrate Earth Day!

*Originally published on 4/21/14

    It is finally Spring, the buds are blossoming, the sun is shining longer and longer and today is the day that everyone should celebrate. That is because it is what binds and connects each and every one of us; today we celebrate Earth Day!

So Happy Earth Day! In case you are not sure of a good way to celebrate Earth Day or you are stuck in an office all day here are ten ways to celebrate today for this wonderful place that we live on!

10 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

1. Plant Trees
- It may seem simple but we breathe the oxygen trees produce everyday and quite frankly, we can never have enough trees. A sapling is easy to find at your local home improvement store, garden stores or even your local farmers market.

2. Clean Up Your Community
- We are not asking you to do everything, but add something into your normal routine. Pick up some trash on the side of the road while you are walking into your office. Pick up that stray napkin stuck in the tree. Walk around your local park and you are sure to see something that needs some sprucing up!

3. Contact your local elected officials and talk to them about the environment
 - We elect people into office yet we never bother to let our voices be heard by them. Perhaps if they knew that the people in their area are very environmentally conscious they will keep that in consideration when they make any type of decisions for your area. So be a voice for the earth and make sure you voice your opinion on what we can do as a society to help fix and sustain our beautiful planet.

4. Have a picnic lunch
- Even if you are stuck in work all day, try eating outside today and stay off your cell phone and really enjoy what nature has to offer. You will never seize to be amazed how many things go along around you and you miss it all. The bird looking for a seed, the squirrel in the tree, the ant bringing something home for dinner, our earth not only is our home but the home to many others take a breather and see that today. While you are picking up your trash from your picnic be sure to pick up any other stray trash in the area and you did two good deeds!


5. Plant A Garden
- It is Spring time and there is no better time than to plant a garden. So get outside and put anything from a vegetable or flower or even that Easter Lily that is on your table in a garden. Get your hands dirty and enjoy!

6. Take Pictures of Nature
- All day long people snap pictures with their phones, I see endless selfies, dogs, cats, kids and even food, yet rarely do I see nature. Today post a picture of something beautiful you saw on the earth today!

7. Visit A New Park or Hiking Spot
- If you have not checked out that new park yet, today is a great day to do it! Go on that hike you keep wanting to do. Make your morning jog in a wooded area or park so that you get more nature. Go out and explore!

8. Spread the Word About Earth Day
- I would bet that the mass majority of people do not know today (April 22nd) is Earth Day and always has been. So go around and wish them "Happy Earth Day!", post it on your social networks and let them know ways to celebrate, remember everyone lives here as much as you do!

9. Kick Start Recycling
- I am saying "Kick Start" because you should not "just recycle" today. You should be doing that everyday. So if you count throwing your foil in the correct recycle bin your celebration you are wrong. If you already recycle at home, look for other things you can recycle. Donate clothing, donate some furniture. Buy used items, buy vintage and antiques. All that helps to sustain us from making more things and polluting our earth. So ladies today, try buying Vintage (Read: Shopping Online for Vintage or Hand Me Down Clothing) or actually start recycling in your home or work or find something else you can do to help reduce waste.

10. Donate
- Earthday.org is an organization that is worldwide and works to protect the planet in so many different ways. They are always in need of donations. Today is a great day to donate, you can donate as little as $5 and you still made a difference.

The best way to celebrate Earth Day is to remember that every day should be earth day! 

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