Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Hunt For Easter 2015

We ended up having a fun Easter holiday. This year Xavier was really excited about everything. We first took him to an Easter egg hunt in the park. It was his first real Easter egg hunt. Other than that it was looking around our yard for eggs each year.
The park had an area for three and four year olds. Since he was new to it I tried to explain to him to go, and get as many eggs as he could, and put them in his basket. He tends to be on the timid side, so I was afraid he would only grab one egg, and then proceed to open it, and never move on. When they blew the whistle he did not run, but I was able to shoo him off on his own, and he managed to pick up around ten eggs. We sat down and opened them. I was bummed to find most were hard candy; that neither Xavier nor we liked, but we found a couple Hershey Kisses that I let Xavier have. He loved them. We then turned in our eggs and our candy we did not want, and he continued to talk about the egg hunt for the rest of the day.

As Easter approached I was not going to do very much. We had just celebrated Xavier’s birthday a couple weeks before. He was not in need of much. However, a good friend talked me into doing small decorations. It was nice when Xavier woke up Easter morning to see all the decorations and an Easter basket with a small monster truck and stickers for him. That made his day. He told everyone about his Easter basket all day long.

We then drove to my sister’s for Easter dinner, and to hang out with our family. Xavier thoroughly enjoyed; appetizers, playing outside with his cousins, and Easter dinner. Then, they had an Easter egg hunt. Since there were three kids three years old and under we let them go first, and have a head start to find the easy eggs. As soon as they said “go” Xavier ran out with his bucket and grabbed as many eggs as he could. At one point he bent over to get an egg and dumped a bunch out. He would even grab the eggs that were empty (some kids just grabbed the candy). When we were opening them, Xavier found the Hershey Kisses. I opened one and gave it to him. I turned to talk to someone for a second, but it was long enough for Xavier to spot two more Hershey Kisses, unwrap them and throw them into his mouth. The little sneak, I gave him some other candy to try, took the rest home.

All in all it was a wonderful Easter that was filled with fun, love and laughter. It was the perfect start to spring.

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  1. Awww! Xavier is super adorable! Anyway, looks like the whole family had tons of fun with the Easter egg hunt. The committee who arranged the event went all out on that one. Xavier must be having a hard time moving on from such a fun activity. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing that! All the best to your family!

    Hugh Morton @ London Business Games



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