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Sponsored Giveaway & Review: Gladly Giraffe

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Something I am a big advocate for is reading. I have written many articles about how important it is to read to your children, how important it is for you to read just as a human being, and how when you do it as a family it becomes this magical time of bonding that is forever remembered, all from a story.

You can find me hunting down many different types of children’s books. Most of the classics we have found already. However, I am always on the look out for those remarkable new books that I always think could end up being in that top 100 books for your child’s library. I like Xavier to have a variety when it comes to books. They should be board and page, long and short, classic and new, and everything in between. I was excited to read the new book, Gladly Giraffe Written by Catherine Meade and Illustrated by George Masi.

Gladly Giraffe is a children’s book that is a story of a sensitive and kindly giraffe that is always eager to help his friends with their problems in an effort to make them happy. It is a sweet story of humble selflessness. 

Gladly Giraffe is sold in hardcover or paperback. I chose the paperback for the review as you will notice in the pictures. After reading it myself first, I believe it is best suited for children around five to ten years old. It has a lot of text on each page which makes you stuck on a page for a long time, and that does not hold the attention of little ones. The writing is very well written and in a rhyming verse similar to what you would see in Shel Silverstein’s poetry. It is a great story about kindness, helping others and appreciating each other.

Xavier sat through the entire reading of it and still loves to read it. I think my favorite is the illustrations. They simply are gorgeous and fun depictions of animals as characters. I would love to frame them and put them on Xavier’s walls. I believe Gladly Giraffe will be one of those books that end up in every child’s library someday and I am so glad I am able to place it in ours.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Gladly Giraffe Written by Catherine Meade and Illustrated by George Masi 5 Stars!

Be sure to order your copy of Gladly Giraffe to expand the library of the child in your life. Gladly Giraffe is sold at major retailers or you can order it here from Amazon.

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  1. My kids will love to read the book.

  2. This would be a wonderful addition to any collection.



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