Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sponsored Giveaway & Review: Clogstrom Toddler Caterpillar Clogs

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We were really excited to try out these new Toddler Caterpillar Clogs from Clogstrom. Xavier, my three year old son, loves caterpillars and he has a fondness for wearing shoes. In face he is actually a little picky on the type he wants to wear.

Clogstrom has made adorable Toddler Caterpillar Clogs that easily slip on and off. They are very comfortable for your child, waterproof and can be used indoor or outdoors. They come in United States sizes 4 through 8 and in seven different styles and colors.

The box they came in was adorable with a cute label on it as to what they were. Xavier loved them right away and was very excited to try them on. It was a little hard at first as he insisted on wearing socks and I was hoping to use these at the beach this summer. So for the first couple days he wore them with socks, then we started wearing shoes without socks and so did he.

The Toddler Caterpillar Clogs are very adorable. We got a lot of compliments on his shoes, which was nice especially since he is a boy. I love how durable and sturdy they are, there is no way he can damage them by pulling the antennas off or anything that I can find. They are extremely easy to wash. Most of the time I run them under the faucet and dry them off and they are good to go.

Xavier wore his Toddler Caterpillar Clogs on many surfaces and we can say with firm confidence that he did not slip in these shoes not even at top toddler speeds. He ran in them on carpet, wood, linoleum, tile, concrete, grass and water.

My biggest complaint with these shoes is a big one, but a problem that can be remedied if you buy a pair. The size was very much off. I ordered Xavier a size 6. We had just bought him other shoes in a size 6. He barely fits in the Caterpillar Clogs and has since day one. He never complains so it took us a couple days to notice just how tight they were on him and to make sure you did not just have to work them in a little bit. They are so tight that even with or without socks they leave red marks on his toes and right at the base of his ankle where the edge is. The strap on the back is not adjustable so unless he slides into them, which he does not and I do not know many toddlers that do, he cannot wear them. As a result of this I had to break it to my toddler that he cannot wear his favorite shoes that he loves so much. Which as any parent knows is a hard thing to do, I was upset to get him excited about them and wearing them, and then have to take them away after a week because of fitting issues. This does not have to happen to you. So as long as you order these a size bigger than you would order regular shoes for your child, you should be safe, and they do offer complete refunds.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Clogstrom Toddler Caterpillar Clogs 4 Stars!

If you would like to order a pair of Toddler Caterpillar Clogs you can get them at Amazon.

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  1. These are ridiculously cute. I love the blue and the black ones. Thanks for the chance

  2. They're so cute! I hope I could win them for my little one :)

  3. those are adorable. I would love them for my granddaughter

  4. summer plewes on facebook. thank you. These are adorable.

  5. I follow you on facebook as Nicole Graham. :)

  6. I'm a new fan but had to say how adorable these clogs are.



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