Monday, March 9, 2015

Sponsored Review: Beabies Teethers

 I wrote this post while participating in a campaign by Tomoson and received a gift and or payment to thank me for my time. All views and opinions with regard to the products or company itself are my own and were not influenced nor reviewed by the company prior to posting. I am disclosing this according to the FTC guidelines.

We are kicking off the week with some cuteness. Since I am a mommy blogger I still have to try a multitude of mommy products, and they are not always the age that my child is in. Luckily, I know lots of willing moms who love to test out things and lend me their feed back and adorable child’s cuteness. So today we have a beautiful eighteen month old baby girl (who we are calling Little Miss for the sake of testing) testing out Beabies Silicone line of teething products. She tested out the Beabies Silicone Teething Necklace andBracelet in red and the Beabies Teething Toy Set.

Most of the time we buy plastic junk toys, teething gels, tablets, or necklaces for our children but we never stop to think what is in any of those things that we are letting our child gnaw on all day long. Gnaw on with open wounds on their teeth, over and over daily. Beabies are 100% safe for your infant. Do you want to know what kind of product standards it has to meet to be that safe? Here is the list, All Beabies Teethers are: BPA free, FDA Approved, Made of food grade silicone, no harmful chemicals, PVC-Free, Latex-Free, Rubber-Free, Lead-Free silicone. They contain no vinyl, phthalates, plastic, nitrosamines, cadmium, or heavy metals. They are taste and smell-free.

So the big question is what did our Little Miss, and her mommy, and I think of Beabies Teethers? After a few days of her mommy watching her, and a lot of pictures, and texting back and forth, and observing, we have finally reached a conclusion, and will rate each set of Teethers differently, as we thought that they were both very different and were for very different ages of babies.

The Beabies Silicone Teething Necklace and Bracelet is a set that comes in gray, pearl, black, turquoise or red. You can get Beabies Teething Necklace and Bracelet sets in flat or round stones we chose the round stones they are chewy beads that can be frozen. Mom can wear them to entertain baby while holding her, carrying her, nursing or to stop from pulling her hair. They are dishwasher safe and you can boil them for sterilization. All of those factors plus how they are made gave them huge bonus points in our book, plus they are very original, stylish, and I love the idea of having an excuse to wear a freezing cold necklace on a hot day at the beach. The only problem is they are not for younger children you must supervise with the necklace. Little Miss, loved the bracelet the best!

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom Gives Beabies Silicone Teething Necklace and Bracelet 4 Stars!

The Beabies Teething Toy Set is a set of three toys; a train, car and elephant. It also comes with a free Teether holder. These toys are very thick and chunky. They are suitable for very young babies; I would say three to nine month olds. They do not stay cold more than half an hour at the most. However, if you have a gnawer that needs something it is the type with the bumps on the toys and the big handles for babies that may be teething early. Other than that I would stick with the Necklace and Bracelet combination by Beabies.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom Gives Beabies Teething Toy Set 3 Stars!

You can purchase your own Beabies Teething Toy Set at Amazon Here

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