Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sponsor Blurb: Beautiful Books Made By You

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 As a mom I am constantly on the go, between balancing home life, my life and my family's life I am constantly multitasking. Amidst keeping up with everything I also am in charge of our bursts of milestones in our lives by taking photographs and filing them away.

The thing is, although digital photography has greatly helped to improve my photography skills, it has made me very slack in getting photos from my phone/camera/Facebook/Instagram into my hands. Printers are a pain to work, and ink cartridges cost so much money. Printing services at places can be cheap, but then you have to put the photos in the album yourself, and if you want it to look nice it takes forever to put together.

Welcome to Blurb, where you can create beautiful books made by you. You can create photo books, trade books, magazines and ebooks that look as good as books in book stores. They are beautiful coffee table books with pictures of whatever you want. You can make a photo/scrapbook sort of like a coffee table book or a publishing written type book on Blurb.

I made my husband a photo book of us for his upcoming birthday. I made the coffee table photo book. I took the bunches of pictures I had stored on my computer of all of the milestone moments we have had together as a family over the last three years and easily uploaded them into Blurb's free book-making tool.

The book-making tool is designed to match  your skill level as they have every thing from none to pro. I will admit you need a little bit of computer knowledge in general to run the program and adjust the images if you want your book to look nice. You want to be able to center images. Some imported images from Facebook accounts especially were low quality and could not print so you needed to find the original or use another photo. Other than those minor issues it was an easy drag-and-drop template that was also customizable.

The book arrived in the 7-10 day time period which it said it would. I was impressed with the high quality printing. All of Blurb's books have long-lasting binding, professional grade paper and great design. Nick absolutely loved it and so did I! In fact we made it available to buy for some of our family!

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Blurb 5 Stars!

If you would like to make your own beautiful book visit Blurb! Photo books start as low as $12.99

Check out our Blurb book with pictures of our journey of unconditional love  HERE

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