Thursday, March 26, 2015

Old Fashion 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Xavier!

Right after the holidays we always jump right into what I like to call the "birthday season" in our house. My birthday is in February, my husbands' is in March and Xavier's is also in March. Xavier was watching dvds lately that had some birthday parties on them and he was so excited everytime he would get invited to go to birthday parties. He loved to sing Happy Birthday, watch you make a wish and blow out the candles and clap.

You have not been to a birthday party until you have been to a toddler's birthday party. They really enjoy their birthday parties! They enjoyed snacking on vegetables, hot dogs and hamburgers. I made a Dream Whip cake with pudding for the frosting as Xavier's cake. He picked it out at the grocery store after going through quite a few. It ended up being a french vanilla cake with vanilla pudding and strawberries. We added the extra candies for his Happy Birthday Message. He thoroughly enjoyed eating the candy balloon and talks about it all the time.

After eating we enjoyed pin the tail on the donkey and a balloon drop. Xavier loves balloons. When we asked what he wanted for his birthday all he said was "cake, singing with candles and balloons". So we decided to do a better job on the balloon drop than we did for our Kid Friendly New Year's Eve Party. This hangs off of the ceiling fan and is extremely cheap to make. We just got a table cloth, some ribbon, balloons and scotch tape. It of course was a big hit for all the kids.

I was amazed at how much Xavier really "took in" his birthday party. He noticed every single detail from each decoration to the paper on each present. He enjoyed giving out goodie bags just as much as opening presents. It was not one thing, but many things. It is what made this Old Fashion birthday theme so special to us.

Xavier had seen us have little parties for mommy and daddy and he knew he was next. Of course we decorated and had his friends over for him and he ended up being over the moon excited about all of it. I am pretty sure it was definitely one of his favorite days!
Happy 3rd Birthday Xavier.

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