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Sponsored Review: Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot

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Shapes are a very critical thing for young children to learn. Learning the names and types of shapes, and being able to fit them where they belong is something every young child needs early on in life. I was eager to try out the new Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot, because it not only teaches your child shapes, but also plays a game with them while they play with it.

The Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot lets your child put shapes in and out of the talking cook pot. There are two play modes, discovery where every time your child inserts a shape into the pot it says "square, thank you". The Find It Game mode the pot will say "can you find the triangle?" and if you put the wrong one in it will tell you what it is and that it was wrong, and to try again for the original shape. It requires two AA batteries and is recommended for ages two and up. The Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot even won the 2013 Creative Child Award from Creative Child Magazine.

We were really excited when the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot arrived. I love the bright colors, the friendly face on the pot and ten, brightly colored shapes. Most shape sorters do not have that many shapes so I was impressed. Before Xavier saw it, (he was napping when it was delivered) my husband and I took it out, and got it ready, and tested it. Our first test was the Find it game, it got the shape wrong. We put in an oval and it said it was a square. We then tried the discovery mode, same thing happened it would name some of the wrong shapes. I would say out of ten shapes two always were wrong if not more. After our disappointment, we discovered it had the factory installed batteries in it so we checked them. They were okay, but we ended up using brand new ones anyway. This did not fix the problem.

By this time Xavier had woken up from his nap and saw the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot. He loved how it looked and as soon as it started talking to him he loved it! He enjoyed putting the shapes in the slot and at first it was on the discovery mode and when the Fun Pot said the wrong name he would just say "no fun pot, that's not a square, that's a circle". Then, he switched the mode by hitting the nose to the find it game. Let's just say, I'm not so sure the makers of this toy have toddlers, because when a toddler finds the correct shape, and puts it in the slot, and it says he is wrong, most toddlers get very mad. Xavier was not happy that the pot did not know it's shapes.

After you put in all the shapes, you then have to twist a circle on the back to unload all the shapes, and dump them out, and put the circle back on. This was also a horrible feature. Why would you not want your child to be able to dump the shapes themselves? There is no way a child could unscrew the pot to release the shapes, I had a hard time with it. I finally just left the back off as most of the shapes stay inside with the side open. By this time I was very frustrated with the shape sorter, it was saying the wrong shapes, it was hard to get the shapes out and it was getting annoying talking constantly (although I will say that may be a bonus, because Xavier liked conversing with it).

We also had an eighteen month old little girl over to play with Xavier who also loved the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot. They had a lot of fun together shoving shapes into it and putting the lid on it to hear the bubbling cooking sound. I was telling her mom about the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot and my annoyance with it. Then, she asked how much it was, which is $24.95. She said she thought it was worth it, as it entertained our children and they seemed to love it. That being said I cannot say it is all bad.

I believe the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot is a good toy, but not a good shape sorter. If you want your child to have fun shoving things in a slot and hearing sounds (good for dexterity) than this is for you. If you are looking for a shape sorter that will teach your children their shapes I would definitely not recommend this one. It just goes to show you that as parents of children we are all unique and what some may love, others do not. So use your own judgement with this toy and take into consideration what your child would like more.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives the Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot 2 Stars!

If you would like to buy your own Learn With Me Shape Sorter Fun Pot you can order it from
The Learning Journey International Website here it sells for $24.99

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