Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: Bear On The Chair

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 I am always on the look out for new and different types of toys for Xavier. I would suppose you could say my philosophy is the more different types the better. We were lucky to be chosen to try out a great toy called Bear on the Chair. Xavier is not always very fond of stuffed animals as they seem to frighten him, but because the Bear on the Chair was designed by a six year old girl I assumed she would be the expert as to what would get my toddler to like stuffed animals.

Bear on the Chair is a fun toy that features a soft cuddly teddy bear, separate chair and booklet. It also has a "happy" and "sad" face patch which Velcro onto the teddy bear's t-shirt. This can be used as a toy, as a positive reinforcement tool or as a way to motivate children to express their feelings.

Right away when I pulled it out still in the box, Xavier smiled and could not wait for me to get the bear out. I got the Bear on the Chair out and he hugged it and we read the booklet. Xavier decided to name his Bear on the Chair, "Teddy Bear". Not exactly very original for a name, but I was proud he thought of something. He loves playing with "Teddy Bear". He switches the patches sometimes when he is sad or happy, but most of the time it works well when he is pretending with "Teddy Bear". When Xavier plays with "Teddy Bear", Xavier switches the emotion patches to how "Teddy Bear" feels. I think it is a wonderful way for children to learn feelings and to be able to teach them through play compassion and empathy.

Next Generation Stay At Home Mom gives Bear on the Chair 5 stars!

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