Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Birthday Traditions

Xavier's First Birthday!

One of my absolute favorite types of celebration is birthdays. I love not only my birthday, but those of my immediate family. We have always had such wonderful birthdays and traditions. I do think that you should be able to celebrate a day that is just about you. You should celebrate yourself, and all your loved ones should remind you how happy they are to have you in their life, and that your presence on this earth has made a difference in their lives.

This week was my birthday, and Valentine’s Day coming up, thus, not as much blogging and I apologize for that. (Check out my new posts on

My mom and I on my 7th birthday!

I love our little birthday traditions. The birthday person usually gets to pick whatever they want to do that day, within reason. That means you have to take in consideration any prior engagements, work schedules, money, time and weather. You also get to pick the meals for the day, usually just breakfast and dinner, but if we can fit it in, you get to pick lunch also. Then, my personal favorite, all of our close family calls and sings to you, whether they can sing or not, they make sure they do. Our little phone calls have grown, as new people have entered our lives and they have become quite fun. Singing Happy Birthday over the phone is something Xavier not only loves to hear, but also likes to participate in.

Nick and I on his 1920s theme birthday!

I do not think it is always necessary to give over the top gifts or parties for birthdays. I think fun milestones and if you can have a party they are fun, but that is not what really counts. I think on someone’s birthday you should use it as a time to honor that person and appreciate them being in your life. Send your blessings their way and for their year ahead! I’m sure it will help make all their birthday wishes come true. I know my family made my birthday special and helped me get through another year!

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