Monday, February 16, 2015

A Valentine for Dadda

We had a wonderful weekend. I was excited Valentine's day was on a weekend this year. My husband had to work most of the day, So we decided to have a friend over. Xavier played and made valentines with one of his friends, and mommy got to hang out and play with one of her friends.

Xavier loves doing anything that involves art supplies. Since we had company, I mainly stuck with crayons, markers and stickers.

 If you want my secret, it is to buy Crayola Washable Markers/Crayons/etc it can be wiped off anything from the dog to the furniture.

This was the first time Xavier really understood that he was making something for someone and what it was. He had watched a couple Valentine shows already, and knew what it was, so he was really excited to make one. When I mentioned he make one for Daddy he said  "Oh yes, Dada needs a valentine!".

 I helped with the glue and peeling of stickers, but the rest was all him. Although he chose the white paper instead of red or pink, he managed to add lots of Toy Story Valentines, stickers, his own art work and I had to transcribe what he wanted written on it.

  I wanted to have Xavier make a bunch of Valentine's, but he ended up practically taking all day on one for "Dada". When he finally finished that one, he was done, and wanted to play with his friend.
 Nick got off for dinner with us and Xavier proudly showed Dada his valentine that is now displayed on the refrigerator. In case you go in our kitchen and do not notice it on the refrigerator, Xavier will point it out to you.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day filled with love!

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