Monday, December 1, 2014

The Desk

      I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. We had a great time with our family. Xavier got to sit at the kids table this year. He did so good and really enjoyed himself. Eventually we had to have him sit with us as he was too enthralled with all the kids and everything they were doing that he never ate. However, it was a great day full of family, laughter and love.

      My parents came down for Thanksgiving and my dad is staying for another week to visit with us. They brought a special gift to Xavier from my grandmother (Xavier's Great Grandmother ) it is a desk that belonged to Xavier's great grandfather when he was a little boy. It is so beautiful and made with cute cubicles, a pull out desk, drawer and pull down top. It is also very sturdy and in great shape.

      We put it in our living room so that we can monitor Xavier's interactions with it for now. He loves it and plays in it everyday. His grandma showed him how to put things in it. He ran into his room and filled his little arms full of things to fill the cubicles and drawers, with books and figurines.

         Everyday he takes some out and puts new things in. It amazes me just how he remembers exactly where everything is. It is so adorable to watch him interact with something that his great grandfather had fun with at the same age. I guess that just further proves that children have not changed over the years, just the things that we give them.

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